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Here are the biggest changes in The Division 2 we know about so far

The Division 2 may generally look like the first game, but there's quite a few changes it brings to the table.

The Division 2 is playable at E3 2018 all week, and it's given us a chance to play through the demo, but more importantly, really drill down into some of the major upgrades in the sequel brings.

Outside of the obvious change of scenery; swapping the snowy New York streets with the hot summer of Washington DC, The Division 2's gameplay has seen a few key changes.

In his video, Arekkz offers a nice recap of everything new and veteran players alike can look forward to in the sequel. Check below the video for a recap of the most interesting points.

1. Specializations

This is one of the biggest and most obvious additions. Upon reaching the level cap in The Division 2, you'll have access to three new progression trees as part of the new Specialization system. Survivalist, Sharpshooter, and Demolitionist are your options, with each offering a signature weapon and unlocking a set of unique skills and mods.

You're also not locked into one Specialization after choosing it, you can swap between them and level each of them up if you want. Some of your existing skills will complement what each Specialization brings, so it'd be a good idea to spec in certain ways.

2. Bullet spongy enemies

The original Division was mocked for having too many human enemies who take way too many shots to take down. It wasn't just jarring, it made the action a bit stale. The Division 2 shouldn't have this problem.

The weaker enemies go down much quicker in the sequel, and the bigger bosses have their armour represented on their bodies. When you break their armour, you'll see them react as the various plates fall off them. To say nothing of the more visible weak points you can use for an even shorter time to kill.

3. Free DLC

If you tuned in to the Ubisoft E3 2018 showcase, you'll have seen the post-launch plan reveal. The Division 2 is getting a full year worth of DLC completely free for all players.

The roadmap shows new areas, story missions, and modes available every three months.

4. Settlements

NPCs play a bigger role in the world of The Division 2. Although safe houses will return, Settlements are the interesting new addition. These will form after liberating certain parts of the map. NPCs will move in and claim the area.

This will in turn spawn a trader in that settlement, and a chain of side quests that task you with retrieving supplies.

5. Eight-player raids

Raids are the one other big addition The Division 2 players should look forward to. While the original game had Incursions - a high-level end-game activity for four players - they weren't as challenging as what you'd normally associate with a raid.

Raids, on the other hand, should have more complex mechanics that require coordination, and will obviously support eight players. Details are slim about these right now, but we're glad to hear they're coming.

6. Looting quality-of-life improvements

The Division 2's UI has been updated to make looting more intuitive. You'll be able to automatically dismantle unwanted items, and even sort certain items into junk the minute you pick them up, without having to tag them later.

The Division 2 is out March 15 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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