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The Arcana: Upright and Reversed Walkthroughs for main characters

Waiting at the end of your magical tales of romance are multiple endings for each of The Arcana’s main characters: Upright and Reversed. Although you can’t fail in winning your crush’s affections, as you stroll through The Arcana’s rich narrative lasting decisions need to be made.

Whether you see the Upright or Reversed ending for your phone-game paramour is down to the choices you make throughout your story together. Help them to be a better person and you’ll see the Upright ending. But give in to their worst impulses and you’ll see the Reversed ending.

Generally speaking, you can consider the Upright ending for each character the “good” ending, where everything is rosy and warm. While the Reversed ending is the “bad” ending, where things don’t quite go to plan - but at least you have love. There aren't quite as many choices as something like Mystic Messenger, but still rather a lot.

The first five books of The Arcana are standalone and don't impact the ending of any character. Choose whatever we wish as you play through.

It also has been confirmed on The Arcana’s official Tumblr that paid story scenes do not influence the ending you see. Also choose them at your preference.

To experience The Arcana to the fullest, you’ll need a lot of Coins and Keys. We have a page explaining how to get more of them both linked here.

Below are walkthroughs for each of the three core characters, who’ve had their initial arc completed: Julian, Asra, and Nadia.

If you’ve already started down your favourite’s story route and chosen a few answers in a chapter or two which don’t fit with your desired ending, not to worry. From what we’ve played it doesn’t seem like you’re totally locked into one path early on. This means you can just make up for it by picking the “right” choices from where you are.

The embedded Tumblr posts were created by Anput’s Arcana via Arcana Resources. Credit for the original work is attributed to the Arcana Fandom, where you can find more information on the game’s world and characters. The following tables are based on this data.

Not every choice matters to the final result, so only the key ones are listed.

The Arcana: Julian Walkthrough Upright & Reversed


Julian Upright Walkthrough

The ChariotNightmares"You can come back"
The HermitHelping Hands"Yes, I did"
The HermitHelping Hands"Are you missing anything"
The HermitHelping Hands"I want to find the truth"
The HermitCelebrity Gossip"You don't need to be useful"
The HermitCelebrity Gossip "No deal"
The HermitCelebrity Gossip"No deal"
The HermitLost and Found "Let's Go"
The HermitLost and Found"Comfort the wolf"
The HermitLost and Found"How did it happen"
The HermitLost and Found"Are you happy"
Wheel of FortuneA Hairy Situation"We should go"
Wheel of FortureRock Bottom"Why are you here"
Wheel of FortuneRock Bottom"He said he wanted a future with me"
JusticeRight From Wrong"Drop the act"
JusticeRight From Wrong "But I did"
JusticePursuit of Knowledge"What was he like"
JusticePursuit of Knowledge"Why would he do this"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"The facts don't add up"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"You were locked up"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"What can I do"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"Why are you doing this"
The Hanged ManFull House"It could work"
The Hanged ManFull House"Yes, you should have"
The Hanged ManWhen to Fold"Calm down and think"
DeathA Sea Change"Stop Fighting"
Death A Sea Change"Go on the offense"
Death A Sea Change"You can't save everyone"
TemperanceAn Uninvited Guest"Listen to Julian"
TemperanceAn Uninvited Guest"Deal me in"
The DevilBest Laid Plans"We'll stop this time"
The DevilBest Laid Plans"I'd prefer it with fewer goats"
The Devil Best Laid Plans"Why are you helping Lucio"
The DevilBest Laid Plans"I refuse"
The TowerHead Over Heels"Let's follow them"
The TowerHead Over Heels"Pull him back"
The TowerHead Over Heels"We can do this together"
The StarStraight On 'til Morning"I'm sure she's okay"
The StarStraight On 'til Morning"Maybe there's another way down"
The Star Straight On 'til Morning"Let's not and say we did"
The StarStraight On 'til Morning"We're not in this alone"
The Star Straight On 'til Morning"It's my life"
The MoonDream Within A Dream"I have to try"
The SunOn The Precipice "Portia's cottage"
The SunOn The Precipice "It has to work"
The SunOn The Precipice "It's the right thing to do"
The Sun On The Precipice "Why are you doing this"

Julian Reversed Walkthrough

The ChariotNightmares"I'll forgive you"
The HermitHelping Hands"Not yet"
The HermitHelping Hands"Am I cursed"
The HermitHelping Hands"Because no one else will"
The HermitCelebrity Gossip"I'll find some use for you"
The HermitCelebrity Gossip "Deal"
The HermitCelebrity Gossip"Deal"
The HermitLost and Found "We should wait"
The HermitLost and Found"Try talking to him"
The HermitLost and Found"Have we met before"
The HermitLost and Found"That is a blessing"
Wheel of FortuneA Hairy Situation"Play along"
Wheel of FortureRock Bottom"I'm investigating"
Wheel of FortuneRock Bottom"He would never do that"
JusticeRight From Wrong"But you're innocent"
JusticeRight From Wrong "That's not true"
JusticePursuit of Knowledge"What did he do exactly"
JusticePursuit of Knowledge"He would never do this"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"He's a good person"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"Nobody saw you"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"You have to stop this"
JusticeDuelling Prosecutors"Stop prosecuting yourself"
The Hanged ManFull House"Once is all it takes"
The Hanged ManFull House"You had your reasons"
The Hanged ManWhen to Fold"Keep trying"
DeathA Sea Change"Struggle"
Death A Sea Change"Get away from him"
Death A Sea Change"You'll save me in the future"
TemperanceAn Uninvited Guest"Chase the goat"
TemperanceAn Uninvited Guest"I'd rather watch"
The DevilBest Laid Plans"I'm worried too"
The DevilBest Laid Plans"It's wonderful"
The Devil Best Laid Plans"Why deal with us"
The DevilBest Laid Plans"I accept"
The TowerHead Over Heels"I don't trust them"
The TowerHead Over Heels"Take a look"
The TowerHead Over Heels"It's okay you don't have to"
The StarStraight On 'til Morning"I'm worried too"
The StarStraight On 'til Morning"We should follow Scout"
The Star Straight On 'til Morning"We really should follow Scout"
The StarStraight On 'til Morning"That's a problem for future us"
The Star Straight On 'til Morning"I care about you too"
The MoonDream Within A Dream"Run"
The SunOn The Precipice "The Rowdy Raven"
The SunOn The Precipice "It's risky"
The SunOn The Precipice "For love"
The Sun On The Precipice "You won't get away with this"

The Arcana: Asra Walkthrough Upright & Reversed


Asra Upright Walkthrough

The ChariotReunion"This smells familiar"
The ChariotEnter The Cave"I can do it"
The ChariotSanctuary "He didn't scare me"
The ChariotSanctuary"What did he say to you"
StrengthThe Low Road"A big city"
StrengthAway From It All"I think I had a bad dream"
StrengthAway From It All"Let's go"
StrengthAway From It All"Let me help you"
StrengthNo Escape"Ask Asra to dance with you"
The HermitThe Hermit"Good thing you had each other"
Wheel of FortuneHungry Eyes"Don't"
Wheel of FortuneHungry Eyes"We found something worse"
JusticeBound Together "You do vanish sometimes"
JusticeThe Whole Truth"Tell them the truth"
The Hanged ManCalm Before The Storm"Let me help"
The Hanged ManCalm Before The Storm"Tell her everything"
The Hanged ManLast Rites"I'm not sure"
The Hanged ManLast Rites"Listen to the Fool"
DeathShadow Of The Past"Leave the shop"
DeathShadow Of The Past"Did it change you"
Temperance Visions And Illusions"I have a question"
The DevilFaustian Bargain "Keep the guests safe"
The DevilFaustian Bargain "I also care about Faust"
The Devil Faustian Bargain"No"
The TowerSound And Fury"What about you"
The TowerSound And Fury"Take the paw"
The TowerSound And Fury"Yes"
The StarHomeward Bound"I'm not afraid, let's go"
The StarHomeward Bound"Break free"
The StarHomeward Bound"Use magic"
The MoonFrom The Other Side"Attack the tree"
The MoonFrom The Other Side"Asra, go help them"
The MoonFrom the Other Side"All right"
The SunFull Circle"Kiss him for luck"
The SunFull Circle"Stay put"

Asra Reversed Walkthrough

The ChariotReunion"This smells delicious"
The ChariotEnter The Cave"But I don't want to"
The ChariotSanctuary "He scared me"
The ChariotSanctuary"He said my name"
StrengthThe Low Road"More remote"
StrengthAway From It All"I think I had a good dream"
StrengthAway From It All"We're busy"
StrengthAway From It All"Let him do it alone"
StrengthNo Escape"Sit in the corner with Asra"
The HermitThe Hermit"Good thing you got away"
Wheel of FortuneHungry Eyes"Do it"
Wheel of FortuneHungry Eyes"We didn't find the Doctor"
JusticeBound Together "You're always there for me"
JusticeThe Whole Truth"Tell them he's innocent"
The Hanged ManCalm Before The Storm"What about you"
The Hanged ManCalm Before The Storm"Tell her a little"
The Hanged ManLast Rites"I'd do anything"
The Hanged ManLast Rites"Resist the feeling"
DeathShadow Of The Past"Unlock the door"
DeathShadow Of The Past"I'd do the same for you"
Temperance Visions And Illusions"Don't worry, I'm fine"
The DevilFaustian Bargain "Cancel the masquerade"
The DevilFaustian Bargain "You'd do the same for me"
The Devil Faustian Bargain"Yes"
The TowerSound And Fury"I can't do this alone"
The TowerSound And Fury"Turn away"
The TowerSound And Fury"No"
The StarHomeward Bound"I just want this to be over"
The StarHomeward Bound"Grab Asra's hand"
The StarHomeward Bound"Find a safer path"
The MoonFrom The Other Side"What do we do"
The MoonFrom The Other Side"Let him help me"
The MoonFrom the Other Side"Asra can heal me"
The SunFull Circle"Let me come with you"
The SunFull Circle"Approach the water"

The Arcana: Nadia Walkthrough Upright & Reversed


Nadia Upright Walkthrough

The LoversA Private Audience"I have questions first"
The LoversMidnight Visit"I want freedom to come and go"
The ChariotLazaret"I heard the island calling"
The ChariotLazaret"You're underestimating them"
The ChariotLazaret"You're shivering too"
StrengthHorsing Around"Sounds like they were worried"
StrengthHorsing Around"You don't need to prove anything"
StrengthThe Ivory Estate"No"
StrengthThe Ivory Estate"Let's try magic"
StrengthThe Ivory Estate"Stand my ground"
Strength Unwelcome Help"Ask him yourself"
StrengthUnwelcome Help"What's Prakra like"
The HermitBetween The Lines"I have a few suggestions"
The HermitSafe Harbor"You should talk to her"
Wheel of FortuneThe Portia Problem"Let's ask her directly"
Wheel of FortuneThe Portia Problem"She really cares about you"
Wheel of FortuneAn Eventful Lunch"I have a plan"
Wheel of FortuneAn Eventful Lunch"You can't do it alone"
JusticeNadia vs The Court"We still need answers"
The Hanged ManContemplation"They believe in you"
The Hanged ManThe Hunt"People can change"
Death Dark Horizon"We could ask your sisters"
TemperanceRavenous Crowds"How can we help"
The DevilGhostly Prey"I wouldn't take the deal"
The Devil Ghostly Prey "I wouldn't kill him"
The TowerConvergence"Follow the dog"
The TowerConvergence"You tried to do it alone"
The SunLast Resort"I'll help you for Nadia"

Nadia Reversed Walkthrough

The LoversA Private Audience"Unconditionally"
The LoversMidnight Visit"You've already been so generous"
The ChariotLazaret"I don't want to worry her"
The ChariotLazaret"They seem useless"
The ChariotLazaret"Let her take care of me"
StrengthHorsing Around"They sound awful"
StrengthHorsing Around"I know how you feel"
StrengthThe Ivory Estate"Yes sir"
StrengthThe Ivory Estate"Ask Nadia for help"
StrengthThe Ivory Estate"Run away"
Strength Unwelcome Help"Let Nadia ask"
StrengthUnwelcome Help"Seethe with Nadia"
The HermitBetween The Lines"Keep my mouth shut"
The HermitSafe Harbor"You should send her away"
Wheel of FortuneThe Portia Problem"Let's test her"
Wheel of FortuneThe Portia Problem"She lied to you"
Wheel of FortuneAn Eventful Lunch"Do you have a plan"
Wheel of FortuneAn Eventful Lunch"You should do it all"
JusticeNadia vs The Court"But we won"
The Hanged ManContemplation"You gave them what they wanted"
The Hanged ManThe Hunt"It was Lucio's fault"
Death Dark Horizon"We can do it alone"
TemperanceRavenous Crowds"I'm sorry, Milady is really busy"
The DevilGhostly Prey"I'd take the deal"
The Devil Ghostly Prey "I'd kill him"
The TowerConvergence"Don't follow"
The TowerConvergence"Lucio would have never listened"
The SunLast Resort"No, let him rot"

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