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  • ZombiU multiplayer: twice the screens, twice the genres

    “Asynchronous multiplayer” is a stupid way to describe people playing a game together in varying ways. Fortunately, WiiU launch title ZombiU makes the whole concept simple with its innovative RTS-FPS combination.

  • ZombiU launch trailer details Game Pad integration

    ZombiU seems to be doing a lot of interesting things with the Wii U hardware – things a core gamer might actually enjoy. The trailer through the break provides a quick run down on those features, and even managed to do it in a way that doesn’t make me feel so condescended to I want […]

  • ZombiU video: the opening sections, how the pad works

    With WiiU releasing this Sunday in the US, Sam Clay shows off brand new capture of Ubi Montpelier’s ground-breaking survival horror, ZombiU. See how the pad works, get insight from the devs.

  • ZombiU - adding a screen and breaking the mould

    If ZombiU is the first real example of what dual-screen gaming will bring to the core, the next generation’s future could be lush. Or soaked in gore. Either way, says Patrick Garratt, Ubi Montpelier’s undead debut breaks new ground.

  • Wii U console requires day-one update - report

    Wii U is out across Europe from November 30th, but game sites have started receiving their units for review now, revealing that Nintendo’s hardware requires a day-one update at launch. Get the details below.

  • ZombiU gameplay for Halloween: the opening moments

    Happy Halloween everyone! How about some ZombiU gameplay action? Cannibalistic zombies approve!

  • ZombiU screens shows loads of zombies invading Wii U

    ZombiU shots have been released by Ubisoft, showing off the nasty denizens of the Wii U launch title, and a few of the game running on the new console. Get your fill below. Game’s out on November 18 in the US and November 30 in the UK alongside the system.

  • ZombiU online elements inspired by Dark Souls

    Ubisoft Montpelier has copped to a disastrously sexy comparison: ZombiU has a little bit of Dark Souls in its DNA.

  • ZombiU Wii U Premium Pack announced for Europe

    A Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack has been announced for Europe and the UK by Nintendo.

  • ZombiU: 'Tower of London' video walkthrough shows GamePad features

    ZombiU is brutal, uncompromising and one hell of a challenge. VG247 went hands-on with it recently and called it the Dark Souls of zombie games. It also uses the Wii U GamePad in many neat way. Ubisoft has revealed a new Tower of London walkthrough video that shows how the controller can be used to […]

  • Wii U: Ubisoft adds 5 more game to launch line-up

    Wii U’s launch slate is getting bigger by the week, as Ubisoft’s online store adds five new titles into the mix, including Assassin’s Creed 3. The publisher’s online store has also just priced its Wii U roster, offering a discount on Rayman Legends if you buy it direct.

  • ZombiU: 'if you play it like Call of Duty, you will die' - Ubisoft

    ZombiU is nothing like Call of Duty with zombies, because Black Ops 2 already has that covered. Instead, we explained earlier this week that it’s more like Dark Souls with zombies, because it you rush in guns blazing you will be very dead in a matter of seconds. No joke. Ubisoft has shed further light […]

  • ZombiU hands-on: the Dark Souls of zombie games

    Wii U was always going to get unwarranted flack among gamers for being a casual console. VG247’s Dave Cook plays the punishing ZombiU to find out why they’re dead wrong.

  • Nintendo reveals Wii U software line-up for Japan

    Nintendo has revealed its first and third-party software line-up for Wii U in Japan. It includes known quantities such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Mass Effect 3 and some previously unannounced titles in the form of Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge and Bayonetta 2.

  • Various Wii U titles will be available to try out at PAX Prime

    Wii U will be at PAX Prime this weekend along with a bevy of titles to sample, according to an announcement from Nintendo.

  • ZombiU allows you to leave clues for other players

    ZombiU will allow you to paint symbols on the environment, leaving messages for other players.

  • ZombiU gamescom trailer ups the ante with atmosphere and gameplay

    I’m running out of ways to say “look at this amazing gamescom trailer” but this ZombiU effort really is worth a glance; it’s got a sweet cinematic opening which makes me afraid to ever revisit London, and then stacks of gameplay footage. The Wii U exclusive shooter is looking pretty good so far; we’ll know […]

  • ZombiU videos show zombies being shot, obviously

    Ubisoft has handed Game Informer a few screenshots and two videos for ZombiU which are full of gameplay. There’s lots of shooting the rotting things, and the videos also show use of Wii U’s GamePad. While Ubisoft has yet to announced a release date for the game, we expect news on that front to be […]

  • Wii U hands-on videos show Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, more

    Since we still have no idea when you might be able to purchase a Wii U, tide yourself over by checking out footage of some of its most anticipated games in action. behold! Rayman Legends; Pikmin 3; Project P-100; Batman: Arkham City and ZombiU.

  • Video: ZombiU gameplay makes a grown man scream

    ZombiU was announced at this year’s E3 as one of the big 3rd party titles coming from Ubisoft. Who knew that this wasn’t just another generic zombie shooter, but one that will physically set out to scare you. See inside.

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