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  • ZombiU death toll now over 300,000

    ZombiU characters who fail their mission become zombies to be battled by other players, and Ubisoft Montpellier has quite a collection of them by now.

  • ZombiU and NBA 2K13 demos arrive on North American Nintendo eShop

    ZombiU has a demo available on the North American end of the Nintendo eShop today, along with a demo for NBA 2K13. Other than demos, there are all sorts of title available to purchase. head below for your update.

  • Early ZombiU reviews disappoint producer

    Guillaume Brunier, ZombiU producer for Ubisoft, has brushed of the initial harsh feedback the game received in initial reviews, saying those are the minority.

  • Wii U: premium console made up 60% of UK launch sales

    Wii U launched across the UK on Friday 30th of November, and while its software has yet to make an impact on the UK top 40 charts, the premium bundle has reportedly sold well, accounting for 60% of Nintendo’s launch sales.

  • Zombi-U: Z-14 webcomic now complete

    Ubisoft’s tie-in webcomic ZombiU: Z-14 is finished. The episodic comic released once a day for two weeks, and charts the first 14 days after the zombie outbreak. You can read the whole thing online here; it’s well worth a look just for the cleverness of the quasi-animation sued to display different images as you scroll […]

  • Wii U: Nintendo's UK midnight launch in video

    Wii U launched in the wee hours this morning, as plenty of eager gamers lined up outside HMV’s Oxford street store for a taste of Nintendo’s new console. Check out Nintendo’s launch footage below, and some feedback from those in attendance.

  • ZombiU gameplay: how to survive the apocalypse

    ZombiU hits Wii U across the UK and Europe tomorrow. VG247’s Dave Cook shows you ten minutes of the game’s opening areas, and talks about surviving the chaos.

  • ZombiU test: still the Dark Souls of zombie games?

    ZombiU promises a return to horror’s heyday of survival and scares. VG247’s Dave Cook sees if Ubisoft’s Wii U launch title really does deliver.

  • ZombiU Survival mode winners celebrated by Ubisoft

    ZombiU’s Survival mode is so hard that Ubisoft Montpelier almost thought it was unbeatable – but at least nine brave souls have done it. As captured by Kotaku, Ubisoft has hidden messages in-game celebrating those who’ve achieved the difficult feat. Is your name on a wall somewhere? Do share. ZombiU is out now in the […]

  • ZombiU: 15 days of horror retold in live-action launch trailer

    ZombiU is out across Europe from this Friday the 30th of November. Ubisoft has released a live-action launch trailer that recounts the horrors of the 15 days leading up to the game’s events. Check it out below.

  • ZombiU's fourth developer diary outlines asymmetrical multiplayer

    ZombiU uses the Game Pad in some pretty special ways, but probably none is as special as the one where you take on the role of the King of Zombies and beat the snot out of your couch multiplayer partner. Good times.

  • ZombiU dev diary teaches you how to survive the hard way

    Ubisoft has released a third developer diary for ZombiU. This time, the team look to reveal exactly how you’ll use the Wii U technology to survive a zombie infestation.

  • Wii U: UK launch line up finalised, get the full roster here

    Wii U launches in UK and Europe from November 30th. Nintendo had released some launch titles for Britain previously, but now it has confirmed a full, final roster of 24 titles waiting to be snapped up from day-one. Check it out below.

  • ZombiU TV spots show GamePad sniping, multiplayer in action

    Wii U has received even more UK TV spots as Nintendo gears up for its November 30th launch. This time we get a glimpse of ZombiU’s sniping in action, as well as the King of Zombies multiplayer mode. Watch the clips below to see how both are done.

  • ZombiU iOS app out now, lets you zombify your face

    ZombiU has launched Stateside on Wii U and will release from November 30th across Europe. Ubisoft has released an iOS companion app to go with the game that sees your face consumed by the zombie virus. Check it out below.

  • ZombiU DLC unlikely but still possible, says Ubisoft

    ZombiU has launched alongside Wii U in the States and has been met with mixed reviews. Ubisoft has been quizzed about the possibility of DLC in a new interview, but the developer isn’t too sure if it’s going to happen, revealing that several attempts to form DLC ideas have fallen flat. Find out why below.

  • Wii U Launches in the US: reviews, impressions, details

    A massive day-one patch, a pile of eShop games, graphical doubts and mixed hardware reviews. Everything you need to know from the Wii U’s first day is here.

  • ZombiU review round-up: Wii U's dream launch title?

    ZombiU reviews have begun shuffling out of the shadows. Is Ubisoft’s brutally challenging survival horror a solid Wii U debut, or is it a smorgasbord of gimmicks? Get the scores below.

  • ZombiU exclusive gameplay: surviving Brick Lane Markets

    ZombiU is terrifyingly hard. So, when VG247 visited the “zombiefied” Brick Lane Markets, we immediately feared the worst. Through the jump is some exclusive gameplay of what happened.

  • ZombiU web comic launched with daily updates for the next two weeks

    A ZombiU web comic has been launched by Ubisoft which chronicles the first 14 days after Armageddon. A new installment in the series will be posted though here every day for the next two weeks. ZombiU is out on November 18 in the US and November 30 in the UK alongside Wii U.

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