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Ken Levine reveals Irrational’s canned zombie shooter, Division 9

In this month’s issue of Game Informer, the mag sat down with Irrational’s Ken Levine to chat about Division 9 – a zombie shooter that was scrapped by the firm. The game would’ve put players in the middle of a zombie infested environment complete with co-op gameplay, “scarce resources, base-building, and strategic rescues” to content […]

10 years ago

Zombie Shooter headlines

  • Tripwire's Killing Floor is a British zombie game

    Red Orchestra: Ostfront developer Tripwire Interactive is making a zombie game. A British zombie game. Called Killing Floor, it’s six-player co-op affair. See on IGN. It’s being described as “Dead Alive meets The Re-Animator” and a “grindhouse exploitation horror film”. When asked if it will draw comparisons to Left 4 Dead, designer John Gibson says […]

    11 years ago