StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to contain “Protoss mini-campaign”

Blizzard’s confirmed that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, will include a “Protoss mini-campaign” in the main Terran single-player section.

11 years ago

Zerg headlines

  • StarCraft II gets new Battle Report

    It’s Friday! That means you’re allowed to not work/pretend to work and watch 18 minutes of Zerg Vs Protoss combat in the almost-beta-ready StarCraft II.Get it from Gamez.nl, exclusively, apparently.Beta please, Blizzard. Thanks, Centipede.

    12 years ago
  • Direct feed videos of StarCraft II's zerg forces

    Below. Taken from here. The first movie from yesterday was shakycam, so you get a far better idea of what’s going on in the following movies. All looks very fighty.

    13 years ago
  • Zerg revealed in StarCraft II - trailer

    The quality’s not so hot, but you can see what’s going on. This trailer was filmed in Korea, seemingly, and shows off some of the new Zerg units in StarCraft II. We’d be excited about this if we though we could ever beat anyone at it. No release date as yet, but seeing as we’re […]

    13 years ago