Ys I

YS I and II coming to Europe and Australia on separate cartridges

DHM Interactive has picked up the European and Australian publishing rights to distribute Ys I and II for DS.Unlike the US version Atlus released earlier this year, the titles will be sold separately instead of on one cartridge.Ys I will arrive in October, with Ys II hitting during the early part of 2010.Meanwhile you can […]

11 years ago

Ys I headlines

  • Falcom announces two new Ys titles

    Falcom announced two new titles at the Ys Fair in Akihabara today.One is an action RPG titled Ys Seven due in the fall and the second is Ys I & II Chronicles due this summer. A platform was not announced for either title, but 1UP is predicting that both will be released for the PSP, […]

    12 years ago