Young Justice: Legacy

Young Justice: Legacy no longer coming to Wii or Wii U

Little Orbit has confirmed that Young Justice: Legacy is not coming to Wii and Wii U for “a number of reasons”.

7 years ago

Young Justice: Legacy headlines

  • Young Justice: Legacy is still a thing, still doesn't have a release date

    Little Orbit’s “interactive bridge” for the first two seasons of Tumblr-favourite animation Young Justice is definitely happening – look, here’s a new trailer to prove it.

    8 years ago
  • Young Justice: Legacy teaser reminds us it still exist

    Way back in February Warner Bros. and Little Orbit announced a game based on the popular Cartoon Network series Young Justice, designed to fill in the blanks between the first and second seasons. It turns out that is still happening, despite my total amnesia on the subject, and this new teaser proves it.

    8 years ago