Yoshinori Yamagishi

Star Ocean producer originally wanted to make erotic games

Square’s Star Ocean producer Yoshinori Yamagishi was keen on making erotic games at one time. Yamagishi explained to Videogamer: “This is actually a quotation from a conversation I had when I was still talking with Enix before the company merged with top management people,” he said. “I said yes, maybe one day I would like […]

11 years ago

Yoshinori Yamagishi headlines

  • Square: Game storytelling can surpass film

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope producer Yoshinori Yamagishi has told CVG that games as storytelling media are still far from their full potential. “As opposed to films, books and TV, as a medium it is more of a challenge to produce a game in order to tell a story,” he said. “In TV, film and […]

    11 years ago