Yoshiki Okamoto

We’ll never catch western dev, says Japanese chap

Game Republic head Yoshiki Okamoto thinks it’s all over. Almost. The ex-Capcom man think western development is now too far ahead for Japan to ever revisit the glory days.“It’s almost too late,” he said. “During the Famicom (NES) era, Japanese video games comprised 70 percent of all video games.“And currently, it’s like 15 or 20 […]

12 years ago

Yoshiki Okamoto headlines

  • Brash signs deal with Game Republic for movie game

    According to this, Brash and Game Republic have signed a deal to work on a game based on a “popular Hollywood film,” for release in 2010.Game Republic was founded by Yoshiki Okamoto, developer of Resident Evil and Street Fighter II, and most recently delivered Genji: Days of the Blade and Folklore for Sony’s PlayStation 3.“One […]

    13 years ago