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Paul McCartney: George and John would have been “amused” of Beatles: Rock Band

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that if they were still alive today, his Beatles bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison would have approved of The Beatles: Rock Band concept, also stating they would have been “amused” about it.“I think they would have been amused. I think they would have seen the point of it,” said McCartney, speaking […]

11 years ago

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  • Yoko Ono is "hip," "excited" about Beatles game

    Yoko Ono’s said that the prospect of the Beatles game excites her, as does the chance to get the “kids” in a place to “understand” what music’s all about.“All of us are actually pretty hip, so we said yes,” she told Entertainment Weekly.“I’m personally very excited. [The game] lets you participate in a way where […]

    12 years ago