BBC pushes YLOD PS3 failure issue beyond Watchdog special

The BBC has published a page on Watchdog’s website responding to a letter issued by SCE UK boss Ray Maguire yesterday on the subject of YLOD.“Sony dislikes the term ‘the yellow light of death’, since it implies a single fault is afflicting all consoles,” said the corporation.“It says the flashing yellow light is a ‘non-specific […]

11 years ago

Ylod headlines

  • Watchdog PS3 repair slot was pretty much ridiculous

    Watchdog’s PS3 repair segment last night didn’t work, in a nutshell.The program centred on the “thousands upon thousands” of UK PS3s that have shown the YLOD and have to be fixed outside of warrantee for a charge.The show establishing a repair team outside Sony’s UK HQ earlier this month, complete with branded van, and filmed […]

    11 years ago