XMB battery glitch “definitely being corrected”

Sony’s Eric Lempel has told PC World that the XMB glitch the causes the battery meter to cover PS3’s clock is going to be fixed.“I personally don’t like that either, and it’s something that’s definitely being corrected,” he said.Thank gravy for that. Lempel added that the major update coming to PS3’s UI later this year […]

12 years ago

XMB headlines

  • PS3 Firmware 2.70 released

    Sony’s released PS3 Firmware 2.70 – you can download it now.The update adds text chat and a bunch of other features you can read about here.There’s an SCEA video through that link detailing everything for you.Get to it!

    12 years ago
  • PS3 Firmware 2.70 to feature text chat, Friends list on XMB

    Sony’s confirmed some of the features of the upcoming PS3 Firmware 2.70, including text chat, some movie playback and storage stuff and the fact your Friends list’s going to be seen on the XMB.Get full details from the PS Blog.There’s a video of PSN director Eric Lempel talking everything through after the break.Expect the download […]

    12 years ago
  • New in-game XMB vid posted

    What better way to enjoy a Sunday evening than by looking at some footage of how Sony’s XMB will work in-game.The internets was in turmoil after videogaming247 broke the news that in-game XMB and Trophy support were coming in the next Firmware update: namely 2.4.You might also notice in the video that whoever is using […]

    13 years ago