Namco Bandai releases classic game music through iTunes

Namco Bandai has announced that it will use the Namco Sounds label to release re-mastered tracks from its classic games via iTunes.Right now, Pac-Man, SoulCalibur Suite: The Resonance of Souls and Swords and Xevious are available with new tracks showing up on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.Check your regional iTunes Store for […]

11 years ago

Xevious headlines

  • Kojima's reveals his top five videogames of all time

    Ever wondered what Hideo Kojima’s top five most influential videogames of all time are? Gamerush has reported the list, apparently taken from an interview in the Yomiuri Shimbun. Super Mario Bros. series Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken Xevious Outer World (known as Out of this World in U.S.) Metal Gear Solid So there you have it.By […]

    13 years ago