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Xbox SmartGlass not “popular” or “responsive” enough – Ancel

Rayman Legends won’t support Xbox SmartGlass, despite its apparently compatibility the Wii U’s Game Pad-exclusive features.

Xbox SmartGlass headlines

  • Xbox SmartGlass now available on Kindle Fire

    Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app is now available on Kindle Fire, meaning you can message your friends, explore bonus content, and control your console with Amazon’s proprietary tablet. Smartglass is also available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone meaning nobody has any excuses, ever, to avoid Microsoft’s multi-device schemes. Load up the Amazon app store to […]

  • Xbox SmartGlass app updated for Android devices

    Microsoft has updated its Xbox SmartGlass app on Android devices with support for 10-inch tablets, an activity browser link, expanded messaging, an awake state, and a more streamlined design. Hit it up on the XBL Marketplace. Via Major Nelson.

  • Xbox Windows 8 apps updated this week

    The Xbox Games and Xbox SmartGlass apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT will be updated this week. The Xbox Games app should run faster, and provide simpler access to recently-played games and associated DLC, as well as more obvious trailers and screenshots and the ability to send messages to Xbox Live friends. The Xbox […]

  • Microsoft acquires home automation start up - report

    Microsoft is believed to have added id8 R2 Studios, a home automation company, to its Xbox division.

  • Xbox SmartGlass updated with ESPN, NBA Game Time support

    Are you American, a sports fan, use Xbox Live, and have a smartphone or tablet? Well done you. Major Nelson has all the details on the latest updates to Xbox SmartGlass, the app which allows you to control your console with a mobile device, and word is there are a bunch of features for ESPN […]

  • Xbox SmartGlass offers exclusive The Dark Knight Rises content

    The Dark Knight Rises arrives on Xbox Video this week and brings with it a bunch of additional features accessible only through Xbox SmartGlass. Synch your console with the mobile and tablet app in order to access and storyboards, Triviax, quotes from the film’s director and actors, “time-synced information about the epic conclusion to the […]

  • Xbox SmartGlass launches alongside Windows 8

    Xbox SmartGlass has launched alongside Windows 8.The free Xbox app enables your PC, tablet and phone to connect to the 360 console to scan the daashboard, flip through content, or us your phone or tablet as a remote. Xbox Music, one of three pre-installed Xbox apps in Windows 8, has also launched, as has Xbox […]