Xbox Pure

Xbox Pure is a (very obvious) fake

Xbox Pure is fake. As reported yesterday, Cheap Ass Gamer published a rumour that Xbox 360 was to have its name changed to Xbox Pure. The story was based on a challenge to CAG’s readership to invent a rumour and get it published on a major blog.Read this NeoGAF post. Kotaku editor Brian Crecente’s responded […]

12 years ago

Xbox Pure headlines

  • Xbox 360 name change rumoured to "Pure"

    If rumours come on a scale of one to ten, with one being, “There’ll be a new FIFA next year,” and ten being, “Ken Kutaragi’s ass is shaped like a dolphin,” this is probably a nine.Cheap Ass Gamer’s rumouring that Xbox 360 is getting a name change to “Xbox Pure.” The site reckons the source […]

    12 years ago