Xbox Live Primetime

Xbox Live Primetime set for Spring

Microsoft’s president of the Entertainment and Devices Division, Robbie Bach, told a news-hungry – read: starved – crowd at CES 09 last night that Xbox Live Primetime would be arriving in the Spring.However, Microsoft had already announced that the service (including the game quiz game 1v100 where you can apparently win real prizes) would be […]

12 years ago

Xbox Live Primetime headlines

  • Microsoft on Primetime delay: November 19 is only the beginning

    Microsoft has responded to the Xbox Live Primetime delay published earlier today by saying that the release date of “November 19 is only the beginning!” and that there is there is plenty more to come as far as New Xbox Experience is concerned.“The New Xbox Experience is a long term initiative and what we are […]

    12 years ago
  • Microsoft's Xbox Live Primetime delayed until spring

    According to this Forbes report, Microsoft has pushed Xbox Live Primetime – its programmed series of interactive games with real-world prizes – back until spring 09.Xbox Live Primetime was announced at E3 and was billed as an integral component of the New Xbox Experience, set for release on November 19.Microsoft says the delay is necessary […]

    12 years ago