Xbox Live Achievements

Xbox One players won’t be “overwhelmed” with post-release achievements, says Microsoft

Xbox One allows developers to add achievements to a game post launch, but Microsoft has taken steps to make sure players won’t be overwhelmed with said achievements.

8 years ago

Xbox Live Achievements headlines

  • Microsoft to hand out rewards for Xbox Live Achievements starting this fall

    A tweet from Xbox LIVE Rewards suggests that soon, 360 users may earn rewards for earning Achievements in games. Here’s the tweet: “We’ve hit 50,000 followers, which means it’s time for an announcement! Coming Fall: a new way to earn Rewards based on your Achievements.” That’s pretty much it, but since Xbox LIVE Rewards hands […]

    9 years ago
  • Microsoft reveals number of Achievements unlocked since 2005 - it's a lot

    Microsoft has disclosed the number of Achievements that have been accumulated since the incentives were implemented in 2005.

    10 years ago
  • Microsoft gets opinion on non-gaming Achievements

    Microsoft has sent out an Achievement survey to some lucky punters, running the gambit of user-generated and multiplayer Achievements, and asking what types of Achievements gamers preferred.The possibility off having your game Achievements listed on GamerCards was also an optioned in the survey, as well as non-gaming Achievements showing others how many movies you’ve downloaded […]

    12 years ago