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New Xbox Experience Avatars video

After the break. The following movie is the latest installement of Major Nelson’s dev diary and takes a closer look at Avatars. Learn how to customise them and all that stuff when the Autumn Dashboard Update eventually goes live sometime in the erm, autumn. Worth watching, we thought. By Mike Bowden

Xbox Experience headlines

  • Nelson talks Xbox Experience at PAX

    There’s a movie on GameVee of the Major doing a presentation of Xbox Experience at PAX. There’s plenty of info in there about migrating groups within the Live update, Avatars, and so on. Worth watching. Xbox Experience launches in November, says the internet.

  • Xbox Live Experience dashboard update coming in November

    Yep, the one with Avatars, game installations, and the like. According to RPG-TV, who sent a man out to a London showing of Microsoft’s new “Xbox Live Experience,” the Mii-too overhaul will be force-fed to your Internet-connected Xbox 360 this November. So, excitement, etc. By Nathan Grayson

  • Microsoft shows PAX 08 schedule

    Microsoft’s published its demo schedule for PAX 08, and there should be plenty there to keep you happy. Assuming you’re going to Seattle next week, obviously. And you’re into Marcus Fenix. Gears 2 and a showing of Xbox Experience are both on show, neither of which made Leipzig last week, but there’s no sign of […]

  • Live update prepares for "future growth"

    The Major’s confirmed that a small update was issued to Xbox Live today, but it’s only a teeny one, so don’t get excited. “This update contains code to ‘prepare for future growth of the service,’” he said. “There are no other changes or enhancements in this update… in other words no new features.” More through […]

  • Rumour: First images of 360 Avatar creator released

    X3F’s carrying what looks to be the first images of the Avatar creation system to be release for Xbox 360 this autumn as part of the Xbox Experience dashboard. There’s nothing confirmed about this, but the PS3F 2.40 pics turned out to be genuine, so don’t be gigantically shocked if these do as well. Take […]

  • Microsoft: Microtransactions for Avatars "may be in the future"

    Uh oh. Microsoft’s John Schappert gave an unnerving answer to VentureBeat when asked at E3 whether or not Xbox Live’s Avatar’s will come with microtransactions attached. “That may be in the future,” he said. “In the near term, we want to launch these with great customization and a great library of accessories this fall. “I […]

  • New Xbox 360 dashboard leaked, shown running on a modded console

    Xbox-Scene’s carrying a movie of what’s supposedly a leaked version of Xbox Experience working on a modded 360. The pirate version of the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard apparently only works on machines installed with the Infectus 2 mod chip. You may know what that means. There’s more detail through the link.

  • Nelson shows off Netflix working with Xbox Experience

    There’s a video after the break, seemingly shot at E3, of Major Nelson showing Netflix working with the Xbox 360 UI revamp, Xbox Experience. It looks pretty neat, truth be told, with users able to start watching their Netflix movies virtually instantly – why wasn’t this trumpeted in the conference? – and invite Friends to […]

  • Major Nelson talks Xbox Experience in-depth

    The Major’s posted up his E3 podcast, and it contains a ton of information on the Xbox 360 dashboard revamp, Xbox Experience. This is pretty much essential listening for anyone with a passing interest in the machine, as he goes into detail on party-forming and funtionality, the Netflix deal announced at the show, and heaps […]

  • See the new Xbox 360 dashboard in video

    After the break. It’s a snippet from the IGN feed from the Microsoft E3 press conference last night, and shows the design of Xbox Experience and the look of Avatars. There’s also stuff in there about navigation and how you can reach photos, games, and so on. Look.

  • Uno Rush confirmed for XBLA

    Missed this in the panic earlier. A new version of Uno, Uno Rush, was announced for XBLA in the Microsoft E3 press conference tonight. It’s out next month. Apparently you’re going to be able to win real-life prizes in it. Power-news.

  • NBC and Universal adds names to Live movie list

    Joystiq is reporting that NBC and Universal Studios are releasing both television and movie content respectively on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Video Marketplace today. NBC will be bringing TV shows in the shape of Monk, The Office and Battlestar Galactica whilst Universal will offer films like 12 Monkeys, The Bourne Supremacy, The Mummy and The Chronicles […]

  • Xbox Experience photos posted

    Engadget’s posted up a good gallery of shots of Xbox Experience, the newly-announced Xbox 360 dashboard revamp, just shown fro the first time in Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Avatars, parties, shared movies: all sorts of stuff’s included. Check out this for more info.

  • Microsoft details Xbox Experience, confirms full hard drive installs

    Nelson just posted up a bunch of information on Xbox Experience, the new 360 dashboard just announced in the Microsoft E3 press conference for release this autumn. In there’s confirmation that you’re soon going to be able to copy games to your HD completely. Check this out: Play from hard drive. Copy your games from […]

  • Avatars confirmed for 360 at E3

    Microsoft just confirmed that Avatars will come to the new Xbox 360 dashboard this autumn. Live Party, up to eight friends chatting together, was also shown, as were Avatars being customised with clothing, and so on.

  • New Xbox 360 dashboard shown at E3

    Microsoft has just shown “Xbox Experience,” the new interface for the console. This autumn. The dashboard looks completely different from the current edition, the main update being the now-announced Avatars. The design is grey, and features rolling functionality similar to Vista. Hopefully Microsoft will release some images after its ongoing E3 conference.