Xbox 360 Wireless 802.11N Adapter

Xbox 360 802.11n wireless adapter confirmed by Microsoft

Microsoft’s told Joystiq that the Xbox 360’s 802.11n WIFI adapter is, in fact, real.The tiny marvel was recently spotted on an Italian Xbox ad and in an FCC filing.Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped short of revealing anything, well, new. No release date, no price – nothing.So, uh, as you were, then.

11 years ago

Xbox 360 Wireless 802.11N Adapter headlines

  • FCC currently testing Xbox 360 wireless 802.11N adapter

    The FCC has revealed through recent filings that its currently testing a wireless 802.11N Wi-FI adapterfor Xbox 360.According to testing from the FCC, wireless speeds will be faster and a second antenna is included on the gadget to improve reception and is attached to the console through a USB port.While no announcement has been forthcoming […]

    11 years ago