Xbox 360 Virtual Arcade

Xbox Avatar retro-arcade survey “not indicative of any planning”

Microsoft has gotten back with us regarding the survey it sent out for a Xbox Live specific Arcade space complete with Avatar interaction.According to a MS spokesperson, a survey is sometimes just that – a survey.“We regularly conduct surveys about our products but they’re not indicative of any planning,” said the rep to VG247.The XBL […]

11 years ago

Xbox 360 Virtual Arcade headlines

  • Microsoft survey hints at Xbox Avatar retro-arcade

    A survey sent out by Microsoft hints at the possibility of a virtual Avatar arcade headed Xbox 360. Sounding similar to PS3’s Home arcade space, the survey asks, “Which of the following names would most compel you to purchase the product?: Game Room, RetroCade, Tower of ROM, and “Classics LIVE”, among others. With the wording […]

    11 years ago