Xbl Phishing

Illicit XBL access via Xbox.com “industry-wide issue”

Microsoft has responded to yesterday’s report which claimed the rash of compromised Xbox Live accounts lately were due to “brute force” unauthorized access through legitimate channels. In a statement provided to IGN, the firm said there wasn’t any “loophole” allowing the invasions, as the method of attack is “an industry-wide issue.” Microsoft also noted, once […]

9 years ago

Xbl Phishing headlines

  • Victim of Xbox Live phishing scam gets refund, account restored

    Microsoft has restored the Xbox Live account and refunded all unauthorized charges accrued due to a “phishing scam” XBL user SusanT suffered when her account was sold to the highest bidder on a Chinese website.

    9 years ago
  • New cases of Xbox Live account hacking come to light

    More reports of Xbox Live accounts being illegally accessed have come to light this week, with the latest claim coming from a user who discovered her account had been sold through a site operating out of China to a Polish Xbox Live user.

    9 years ago