Xbl Dashboard Update

Indie developers upset over new XBL Dashboard interface

A number of independent studios are upset over the revamp of the Xbox Live Dashboard, claiming the new interface has once again “hidden away” the indie marketplace.

9 years ago

Xbl Dashboard Update headlines

  • Rumor - New Xbox Live dashboard to launch next week

    According to a rumor posted over on tech site Win Rumors, Microsoft’s new Xbox Live dashboard update is set to launch next week. The site said it had a look at the update yesterday at the Nokia World event, and has posted a video of its hands-on with the update’s Windows Phone integration and Kinect […]

    9 years ago
  • PSA: Open beta for XBL Dashboard update next month, previews go live

    Previews for the Xbox Live Dashboard update have started going live, and according to Microsoft’s director of platform marketing, Albert Penello, the new update will “lay the groundwork for our entertainment future.”

    9 years ago
  • 360 Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM to launch next week on November 17

    Did you see that date? Our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us back in October after all now, were they?Xbox Live general manager, Marc Whitten, has confirmed to FastCompany that the dashboard update which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Last.FM will go live on Tuesday, November 17, which means come next week – you’ll be able […]

    11 years ago