City Interactive announces Stuart Black-designed Enemy Front

City Interactive has announced Enemy Front, a FPS currently in works with ex-Codemasters developer Stuart Black as lead designer.

Wwii headlines

  • Gearbox will likely go back to Brothers in Arms

    Want to kill some more Nazis? Sure you do. Who doesn’t? “I think you can probably expect at some point there’ll be another Brothers in Arms game,” Gearbox vice president Brian Martel told CBS11tv. “You can probably expect that… If you look at the history of where we’ve been, where we’re going… That’ll be in […]

  • 505 and FilePlanet team up for Men of War multiplayer beta

    505 Games and FilePlanet are joining forces on the multiplayer beta for Men of War. Registered users at FilePlanet are now able to download the WWII RTS’s beta before anyone else. Once in, players can challenge others to 16-player multiplayer matches in four different modes, including Battle Zones, Capture the Flag, Combat and Combat FFA. […]

  • Pre-order Turning Point, get postcards

    Codemasters has revealed details of its US pre-order campaign for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, the alternative history WWII shooter from developer Spark. US gamers who sign up early will get loads of weirdy Nazi-ish stuff, including post cards featuring game art, acces codes to “enhance the game experience”, a behind-the-scenes DVD and a 1931-53 […]

  • Treyarch gets CoD5, back to WWII?

    We can’t clarify any of this with Activision, but this sourceless post claims Call of Duty 3 developer Treyarch will be developing the fifth game in the blockbusting shooter series, and that the setting will be back in good ol’ World War 2. We’d take this with a pretty large pinch of salt until Activision […]