World War II

Order of War landing on PC September 22 in US

Square has announced that Order of War will land on PC in North American September 22.Good news, that.There is a demo over on the official website should you have yet to try it.Might still be one up on Steam too.Via Kotaku.

11 years ago

World War II headlines

  • Battlestations: Pacific demo to invade PC and XBL on April 30

    A Battlestations: Pacific demo will hit PC and Xbox Live on April 30.The teaser will showcase the Divine Winds of Leyte mission, which tells the tale of a Kamikaze attack on a US carrier fleet.The game allows you to take control of either the US or Japanese fleet in WWII, and will release in North […]

    12 years ago
  • Men of War: WWII RTS demo out now

    505 and 1C have released a single-player demo for World War II RTS Men of War.The full game releases for PC on February 27.The demo includes the full opening stage of the Russian campaign. Downloaders will also get the chance to try out the “direct control” feature, which enables control of units using the directional […]

    12 years ago
  • Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway development lasted an eternity because…

    …Gearbox designed the game as a multiplatform title. BOA director Jeramy Cooke explained, and MTV Multiplayer listened:“This is the first time we have done a big, multi-platform game in-house, and it was brand-new technology, as well. You kind of expect when you buy off-the-shelf software [Unreal Engine 3] that you’re just going to be up […]

    12 years ago