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  • World of Darkness' "kick ass core team" is AAA sized

    Despite staff layoffs and a slowdown of development, CCP is still fielding a full development team for World of Darkness.

  • CCP revenue in 2011 hit $66 million, firm considering IPO

    CCP Games earned $66 million in revenue last year, the firm has said, and as a result – compounded with its plans for Dust 514 – the firm is considering an initial public offering.

  • CCP: "No shortage of commitment" to making World of Darkness "awesome"

    CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson and David Reid, incumbent chief of marketing operations, have reassuringly said that despite recent shake-ups within the firm, it is still committed to making the MMO World of Darkness, and the duo promised it will be “much more accessible than the EVE universe” for those who are not into science fiction.

  • World of Darkness inspired by PC classic Bloodlines

    World of Darkness producer Chris McDonough has said Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a major influence on CCP’s upcoming MMO.

  • CCP to continue work on World of Darkness at a "much slower pace"

    CCP’s spate of layoffs haven’t shelved new MMO World of Darkness, but the developer has acknowledged it was “spread too thin” with three major games on the go.

  • CCP to reduce its workforce by 20%, refocusing on EVE and Dust 514 development

    CCP has announced it’s to layoff approximately 20 percent of its staff, with most redundancies occurring in the firm’s Atlanta, Georgia offices, with select positions at the firm’s Reykjavik, Iceland studio also affected.

  • World of Darkness details emerge from the Grand Masquerade

    This weekend just gone, New Orleans played host for The Grand Masquerade, put on by White Wolf. Lucky for us, more than a few juicy tidbits of vampire lore were left over after the ball, all ready to be analysed and inspected.

  • World of Darkness is in playable state, says CCP

    CCP’s Torfi Frans Olafsson has confirmed its much secret MMO World of Darkness is in a playable state.

  • Leaked World of Darkness footage comes out of Grand Masquerade convention

    CCP’s at The Grand Masquerade convention in New Orleans at the moment, and is talking about its new MMO World of Darkness, based on Vampire the Masquerade. While not much has been revealed yet, an attendee saw fit to sneaky cam some footage from the event.

  • World of Darkness reveal likely at The Grand Masquerade

    Following a heavy hint that CCP MMO World of Darkness is to be shown for the first time at White Wolf convention The Grand Masquerade, the event has listed a string of MMO-specific panels including one called, “Tell the World of Darkness Development team what you want to see in the MMO”.

  • EVE Online's Hilmar Pètursson to keynote GDC Europe, show new title

    CCP’s Hilmar Pètursson will be one of the keynote speakers at GDC Europe in August. The CEO’s speech is titled “CCP: Winning the War”, which discusses the company’s success stemming from near obscurity to producing one of the largest MMOs out there, EVE Online. “GDC Europe is gearing up to be one of the industry’s […]

  • CCP has "nothing to add" to World of Darkness date

    CCP has refused to confirm or deny whether or not a supposed financial statement listing horror MMO World of Darkness as a 2010 release is genuine. “We have nothing to add,” a US CCP rep told VG247 today. The game, the second major MMO planned from the EVE Online publisher, was mentioned in this PDF, […]

  • Rumour: World of Darkness to launch in 2010

    This official-looking CCP financial document claims the EVE firm’s next MMO – vampire effort World of Darkness – is to launch next year. “CCP is currently working on new projects, the largest of which is World of Darkness, a MMOG that is scheduled to launch 2010,” says the PDF, which mainly outlines CCP’s financial outlook. […]

  • EVE boss moves to World of Darkness studio in Atlanta

    According to RPS, EVE Online creator Reynir Harðarson is to move to CCP’s studio in Atlanta to work full time on the upcoming World of Darkness MMO. “Yes, I’m helping with the design of the World Of Darkness game, which is now in production,” he said. “I’ve moved my family out there, bought a house, […]

  • GDC: World of Darkness will be "as real as it can be", says EVE Online creator

    The mastermind behind progressive and forbidding Icelandic MMO Eve Online, Reynir Hardarson, has said that the company’s second game, World of Darkness, will follow in the space-based title’s steps of having a ‘real-world’ financial model and will be primarily community-based. “The key is human interaction,” Hardarsson said of his MMOs, talking to videogaming247. “World Of […]

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