World Championship

League of Legends World Championship tickets go on sale tomorrow

The actual World Championship tournament for League of Legends will be happening here in downtown Los Angeles in September and October, and you’re interested in attending what will almost certainly be a ridiculously epic event, then you should know that tickets go on sale through (ugh) tomorrow at noon PT — no listing posted […]

8 years ago

World Championship headlines

  • Daigo is first SFIV world champion

    Daigo’s been crowned the world’s first Street Fighter IV champion, as you can see from this Kineda report.Justin Wong won the US competition, but there was no stopping the Beast: he won 4-0 in the final.Hit the link. There’s some beautiful photography through there.

    12 years ago
  • Midnight Club: LA world championship kicks off

    Rockstar’s launched a world championship for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, to be held through the firm’s Social Club.Monthly tournaments will feature prizes such as games gift certificates, a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle and a year’s worth of free pizza from Pizza Hut. That last one makes us feel a little nauseous, to be honest.Blah. Press release […]

    12 years ago