Microsoft prepares to sue over loss of Woolworths stock

According to this Time Online report, Microsoft is preparing to launch a class action suit against UK high street retailer Woolworths in a bid to reclaim several millions of pounds worth of stock.The chain is set to close its doors to the public tomorrow as the recent credit crunch took its toll early last month. […]

12 years ago

Woolworths headlines

  • GameStop stamps on Woolworths buyout rumour

    An MCV rumour that GameStop is looking at buying dying UK retailer Woolworths is incorrect, the US chain has said in a statement.“Claims originating from games industry publication MCV hold no merit and are completely inaccurate,” the company said.MCV did not comment on GameStop’s release.The site’s original piece cited an anonymous source who said, “[U.K. […]

    12 years ago
  • Up to 50% off all Woolworths stock today

    And that includes games, apparently. The UK retailer went into administration last week, and has now announced its “Biggest Ever Sale”.Administrator Deloitte told MCV in a statement:“We anticipate increased footfall in the stores and have hired additional staff to cope with increased demand. Additional goods have been moved to all stores and further stock will […]

    12 years ago
  • Rumour: Woolworths catalogue shows UK 360 cuts

    Here we go! This Engadget story‘s showing a shot of what’s purporting to be the next Woolworths catalogue, showing a hefty price cut across all Xbox 360 SKUs.Arcade is shown for £130, Premium for £170 and the Elite for £230.We’ve been told by senior UK sources in the past week that top-rankers would be “very […]

    12 years ago
  • Toshiba "disappointed" by Woolworths HD-DVD decision

    Well, it was hardly going to be particulalrly pleased about it, was it? UK retailer Woolworths dumped HD-DVD today, meaning Blu-ray will be the only next generation disc movie format stocked in its 800-plus high street stores. In a statement issued to GI this afternoon, HD-DVD player manufacturer Toshiba was less than thrilled, but managed […]

    13 years ago