Wondercon 2009

Wondercon 09 goes to Hell with Dante’s Inferno

EA gave attendees at Wondercon 2009 a look at Dante’s Inferno last week, and put in a bit of a backstory on the muscly fella.While not exactly like the epic poem, Dante does go to Hell looking for Beatrice — but that’s where most of the similarities end. The game starts with Dante killing Death, […]

12 years ago

Wondercon 2009 headlines

  • Cryptic to host Meet and Greet at WonderCon 2009

    Those attending WonderCon 2009 in San Francisco will get a chance at a Meet and Greet with Cryptic this Saturday, February 28.Developers for both Champions Online and Star Trek Online will be on hand for you to shake hands with, stare at in utter wonder, or just watch from a darkened corner.Cryptic has also answered […]

    12 years ago