Battlefield 5: Classes, combat roles, Firestorm mode, war stories and more

DICE and EA are heading back to WW2 in Battlefield V, the next instalment in the popular man shooter series, now with women and customisable tanks.

2 years ago

Women headlines

  • Natural Selection 2 adding female soldiers

    Yes, there are people in the world who are against having women fight on the front lines, but Natural Selection 2 devs Unknown Worlds are not among them. In fact, they’re adding female soldier models to their online shooter as free DLC that will be available in late August or early September.

    8 years ago
  • MOBA publisher to offer women discounts

    Gama’s reporting that Nival’s upcoming MOBA Prime World will offer special discounts for female players, including cheaper microtransactions and incentives for male gamers to team up with them.

    9 years ago
  • Report: One in five women have dumped partners over gaming

    Research conducted by MyVoucherCodes has concluded that one in five ladies have dumped their partners because of gaming habits or excessive web usage.

    11 years ago
  • "Grl Gmr" tournament announced for LGF Fringe

    Do you have a fanny? Would you like to go “head to head” with other females in a British, men-excluding game tournament? You’re in so much luck.A “Grl Gmr Tournament” has been announced for the London Games Festival Fringe allowing women to compete in Wii Tennis, Tekken, Unreal Tournament, Kuri Kuri Mix and Mario Kart […]

    12 years ago
  • 18-45 year-old women account for 28% of US games revenue

    IBISWorld data has shown that 18-45 year-old women account for 28 percent of American games sales, compared to the 37 percent of the same male age group.The research has also concluded that 38 percent of all US gamers are female, up from 33 percent in five years.More in this Reuters piece.

    12 years ago
  • 40% of US gamers are women, ESA study shows

    Newly launched Edge-Online is reporting that an ESA study has shown that 40 percent of gamers in the US are female.In addition, 94 percent of parents questioned by the survey said they are present when their kids buy games, and that 64 percent of them feel that videogaming has a positive effect on their children’s […]

    13 years ago
  • One in five Canadians play games naked, says Microsoft

    DigitalHome writes that Microsoft recently commissioned a poll exploring Canadians’ gaming habits asking whether they gamed “in public; at work; in the bathroom; in the bedroom, or in the nude.”The results reveal that 17 percent of men – that’s roughly one in five, people – played computer games totally starkers whilst unfortunately only 9 percent […]

    13 years ago
  • Photos of Korean women promoting Ninja Gaiden II

    Jeepers. Korean site Videogamerx has posted a huge amount of photographs of a promotional event for Ninja Gaiden II, featuring a lot of highly attractive women and a pasty fat man with a sword. We’re not here to judge. Take a look.

    13 years ago
  • Females over 30 back free, ad-based games

    According to this, a survey has shown that 90 percent of a 1,500-strong sample of consumers backed free, ad-supported games, and that 34 percent of those questioned clicked on ads within sample games. The sample was 81 percent female, with the “vast majority” over the age of 30.“We have been evolving our customer sales model […]

    13 years ago
  • Videogames reward men more than women, says study

    Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have shown that the reason men get turned on by games more than women is that, for some reason, hey find the whole process more rewarding. The part of the brain that generates feeling of reward is more active in men men playing a game than it is in […]

    13 years ago