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  • Masaya Matsuura: WMP not a "huge advantage"

    Parappa the Rappa creator Masaya Matsuura has told MTV that there isn’t “a huge advantage to adapting to MotionPlus”.Currently at work on his new rhythm game Major Minor’s Majestic March, Matsuura went onto say that games using the new hardware need to be built for it from the get go.“We tried to adapt Major Minor […]

    11 years ago
  • Peter Moore talks WMP, EA Sports Active, Ali vs Tyson

    EA Sports’ Peter Moore has spoken to Sporting News about how his new sports games – coupled with Wii MotionPlus – are going to change the way gamers perceive the genre.As an avid tennis player, Moore wanted people to get up off the couch to play Grand Slam Tennis, he said.“What the Wii MotionPlus allows […]

    11 years ago
  • EA officially announces Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

    EA has officially announced Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.Real-time weather will be reflected on every course, and a television broadcast style presentation with instantaneous updates will be included ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt and the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman will be the announcers.Implementation of Wii MotionPlus includes the real-life golfing ability to draw and fade, and […]

    11 years ago
  • Nintendo Power teases June release for Wii MotionPlus

    Nintendo is still mum on Wii MotionPlus’s release date, but growing rumor is pointing to June.GoNintendo noticed in the new Nintendo Power Magazine article on Grand Slam Tennis that MotionPlus  is “due out prior” to the game’s release.Grand Slam is out June 18.Eurogamer was already under the impression that WMP would have a June launch, but […]

    11 years ago

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