Diablo III invincible Wizard exploit hotfixed

That didn’t take long. Blizzard’s rolling out a hotfix to stop an exploit that made Diablo III’s Wizard class invincible.

8 years ago

Wizard headlines

  • BlizzCon 08: 22 Diablo III shots posted

    On Gamespot. Some of these were posted last night with the announcement of the Wizard class, but you can never have too much Diablo III.Check them out.

    12 years ago
  • The Diablo III Wizard's talent tree posted

    Shacknews has posted up what looks to be the entire talent tree for Diablo III’s Wizard, the game’s third confirmed class.Two words: magic missile. As it stands so far, we’ll be playing a Wizard when the game finally releases. No question. Unless Blizzard pulls something a little “darker” out of the hat in the meantime. […]

    12 years ago
  • Blizzard details Diablo III Wizard - words, 7 images, 6 movies

    Here. The just-announced Diablo II Wizard class is nicely strung out on its official Blizzard page, with a bio, screens and concept art and six direct-feed movies.This is who you’re dealing with:Owing to my lack of tolerance for those who would use magic towards their own nefarious ends, many have assumed that I am averse […]

    12 years ago
  • Blizzard shows first Diablo III Wizard class movies at BlizzCon

    Shacknews has posted two videos of the newly announced Diablo III Wizard class in action. Check them out right now.The Wizard, just revealed at BlizzCon 08, joins the previously announced Witch Doctor and Barbarian classes.Apparently, Mike Morhaime’s speech has already ended, but we’re waiting for more news. Keep it locked.By Mike Bowden

    12 years ago
  • BlizzCon 08: Diablo III wizard class revealed, hands-ons posted

    Update 2: Blizzard just posted seven images and six Wizard movies!Update: First direct-feed video of the Wizard clas just got posted.BlizzCon 08 is kicking off in California as we type, and the first bit of news out of the gate is the Wizard class for Diablo III.Not only that, the first hands-on impressions are now […]

    12 years ago