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  • ...and we're back - Christmas news round up

    Happy New Year. We’re glad we shut down over Christmas. You didn’t miss a whole lot. By far the most important story over the break was news that Free Radical cut its workforce by 140 to just 40. The developer was confirmed as being in administration just before the Christmas holiday. Speaking to 1UP, Cameron […]

  • WipEout HD demo announced for Christmas Eve

    SCEE’s confirmed that a demo for WipEout HD will release on Christmas Eve. A single track’s the be included in the free download, and the cost of the full game is to be reduced from January 8 onwards. Press release after the break.

  • WipEout HD patched, freezing fixed

    WipEout HD has been patched to 1.1, as you’ll see the next time you load it. The fix apparently solves the freezing issue from the original game, where players with more than 50 people on their Friends List would get system locks. No longer. Go and blow someone up.

  • WipEout HD freeze is "definitely a friends list issue"

    We’ve just been told from a PS3 dev source that the WipEout HD locking problem is “definitely a friends list issue, not an SDK bug. It can be coded around, so there’s bound to be an imminent patch.” As previously reported, people with more than 50 friends on their PS3 lists are getting lock-ups with […]

  • Sony admits locking problems with WipEout HD

    Kotaku’s posted a comment from SCEA which appears to confirm that there is a problem with locking on some PS3s and WipEout HD. “Following the release of WipEout HD on PlayStation Store yesterday, we’ve been following the reports by some members of the community regarding problems with game freezes,” said a rep. “We’d like to […]

  • Rumour: WipEout HD causing lock-ups with large friends lists

    PS3F’s reporting that some of you are getting lock-ups with WipEout HD. Apparently forumites on the official US PS boards are putting the problem down to having a friends list with more than 50 people on it. Our very own Daniel Plainview was experiencing problems with it yesterday, so there’s probably something in this. That’ll […]

  • WipEout HD released in Europe!

    WipEout HD is now available for download on PSN. As promised, the game is £11.99 and marks “the dawning of a new era for the iconic racer.” Buy it. It’s a 998Mb download and it’s coming down our pipe as we type. Thanks Robo_1!

  • IGN gives WipEout HD 9/10

    IGN’s posted a 9/10 review score for WipEout HD, adding yet another reason why this Friday can’t happen soon enough. Snip: WipEout HD is a fantastic experience through and through. Though it’s a downloadable title and runs one-third the cost of a full retail disc, it could have been packaged on a Blu-ray disc and […]

  • Epilepsy tests are "subjective," says WipEout dev

    Speaking to EG, WipEout HD director Tony Buckley has expressed frustration at the game failing a routine epilepsy test. Not passing resulted in the racer being delayed. “[It was] frustrating more than anything, because it’s quite subjective the whole test,” he said. “But we certainly weren’t going to take it lightly. We had to think […]

  • Euro WipEout HD confirmed for September 25

    You can relax now. SCEE just sent this through: “WipEout HD will be released on September 25th for £11.99.” The game was confirmed earlier today to be launching in the US on September 25, so the news will no doubt be met with delight for Europeans waiting for the future racer. Eurogamer gave this 9/10 […]

  • EG gives WipEout HD 9/10

    We’re pumped. Eurogamer’s given WipEout HD 9/10. Snip: But in the end, it all comes down to impact. With its cool, clean design and mixture of chilled ambience and frantic action, WipEout has always been at the heart of the PlayStation brand – so it makes sense that all the stops have been pulled out […]

  • Euro WipEout HD release date announcement expected later today

    SCEE’s just told us that an announcement of the European WipEout HD date is likely to happen today. Don’t get your knickers in a twist if it doesn’t: PR’s waiting on the final confirmation, from the sound of it. Either way, you’re going to get a press release very soon. The US date has now […]

  • WipEout HD releasing in the US on September 25

    The US PS Blog‘s confirmed that WipEout HD has a confirmed release date of September 25. From the site: Your wipEout HD thirst will be quenched on September 25. Yes, that’s right, just 10 days from today. For just $19.99, wipEout HD will be available for download only and includes the following awesomeness: Full HD […]

  • More WipEout HD movies and interview ramp up to release

    Getting closer. Sony’s put out a new official WipEout HD trailer, giving more hope that we’re going to see the game this month. In addition, Gamespot’s interviewed SCEA producer Daimion Pinnock on the game, which is looking extremely finished, if we’re being honest. Last but by no means least, IGN’s posted four new direct feed […]

  • Wipeout HD to cost $20 - when it finally gets here

    Sony held a Wipeout HD event in San Francisco t’other day, which revealed that when the game finally launches – no, no date was announced – it will cost 20 of your finest American dollars. There’s a little more info over at 1UP, if you’re interested. By Mike Bowden

  • WipEout HD to cost £11.99

    CVG’s reporting that Sony’s confirmed an £11.99 price for WipEout HD, following an overnight rumour that the game would cost £15.99. Still no date, though. Thanks, Blerk.

  • WipEout HD to cost £15?

    TheSixthAxis is rumouring that WipEout HD is going to cost €17.99, or £15, when is finally releases. No idea when it’s coming out as yet. We’ll check with SCEE on this when someone gets into the office.

  • New WipEout HD shots steam out of Leipzig

    On Kotaku. Looking very sweet, epilepsy or not. News came out this week that 60fps at 1080p is locked, so we’re excited. Take a look.

  • New Wipeout HD info, trophies and trailer

    The PSBlog has posted some new info about Wipeout HD revealing the game will be out in the ‘fall’ and include trophy support. Wipeout HD will run at 60fps and be in 1080p. There’s going to be a two-player, split-screen mode and eight-person online races. Sixaxis is optional and you can take advantage of the […]

  • SCEE refuses to confirm or deny WipEout HD epilepsy claim

    Despite CVG reporting earlier this week that WipEout HD’s been delayed because it failed epilepsy tests, SCEE is refusing to confirm the reason, saying instead the game’s been pushed back because of polish-time. “The reason for the delay of WipEout HD on PS3 has been due to the many improvements we have been making and […]

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