Games Media Awards 2009 – liveblog at 8pm BST tonight

[Update] We are live, folks.The Games Media Awards takes place tonight in London’s Camden, and VG247’s up for three of them. God willing, we may actually win something this time.We’re in the running for Best Games Website, Specialist Writer (Web) and Games Blog.The ceremony starts at 8.00pm BST tonight, and we’ll be liveblogging it after […]

11 years ago

Winner headlines

  • Michael Phelps swimming game in development

    Last night’s 60 Minutes – a profile on Olympic mega-swimmer Michael Phelps – apparently mentioned that a game based on the aquatic legend’s in the works.No other details were given.Michael Phelps is the Tiger Woods of the swimming world: he’s a fucking winner. So if there’s a game with his name on it, we’re buying. […]

    12 years ago
  • Pachter: 90 percent of last-gen sales were at $199 or below

    Everyone’s favourite analyst, Michael Pachter, said that as around 90 percent of last-gen hardware sales were inspired by a price point of $199 or below, we won’t see full 360/PS3 mass market penetration until around 2010. From the man himself: “As consoles come down in price, the manufacturers will sell more of them, and the […]

    13 years ago