Windstorm Studios

All studios formed by ex-Ensemble staff, in case you’re confused

Rock Paper Shotgun has listed the new studios formed by now-defunct Ensemble Studios on one pretty page. It’s a good thing, because we know most people are prone to ADHD, and lists help keep your brain cells organized. Without further ado, here’s the breakdown: Robot Entertainment: Started by Ensemble co-founder Tony Goodman in Texas with […]

11 years ago

Windstorm Studios headlines

  • Dusty Monk forms Windstorm

    A former Ensemble Studios developer, the phenomenally-named Dusty Monk, has founded a new developer called Windstorm Studios. The start-up is working on an online game “unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” according to Windstorm’s site. Windstorm’s games are to be brighter and more hopeful than traditional post-apocalyptic offerings of the minute, Monk said. Fingers crossed. Thanks, […]

    11 years ago