Free Realms getting the comic treatment from DC

Sony and DC Comics are to publish a comic based on the Free Realms MMOWildStorm will handle the distribution and J.S. Lewis, author of the Grey Griffins children’s series, will pen it.First issue is expected July 29, and includes the “Spider Bite Sword” which is a free in-game item.A preview of the comic and more […]

12 years ago

Wildstorm headlines

  • Gears of War No. 7 comic tells Tai's backstory

    Poor Tai Kaliso. He was easily a favorite of ours and we hated the way things went down for him in Gears of War 2.To make up for it though, DC Comics and Wildstorm provide a backstory to the “proud warrior with a gentle heart” in the upcoming Gears of War No.7.This special issue was […]

    12 years ago