Wiiware Launch Line-up

WiiWare launches with nine titles in Japan

WiiWare, Nintendo’s game download service, has launched in Japan with a nine-game line-up.America will be seeing WiiWare launch on May 12. Nintendo has yet to make an announcement regarding European launch.Our lucky Japanese cousins gets the following today, with more games to be drip-fed as the weeks go by: Okiraku Ping Pong Wii (500 Wii […]

13 years ago

Wiiware Launch Line-up headlines

  • WiiWare to launch on March 25 in Japan

    Says so here. According to this, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is a pricey 1500 Wii Points (about £7) although prices start as low as 500 points (£2) with Tenshi Solitaire.Other titles such as Dr. Mario and Pokémon Ranch, will be there day one for 1000 Wii Points (£5).

    13 years ago

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