Monster Hunter tri online to be free in Europe, confirms Nintendo

Monster Hunter tri’s online play will be free in the UK and Europe, Nintendo has confirmed.

11 years ago

Wiispeak headlines

  • High Voltage confirms June 23 release for The Conduit

    We kind of mentioned this already yesterday, but High Voltage has confirmed a June 23 release for The Conduit.Originally scheduled for a June 9 release, the “summer” push back is technically accurate considering tht the first day of summer is June 21.The game was delayed so WiiSpeak could be implemented properly.

    12 years ago
  • Miyamoto: WiiSpeak is to "connect living rooms to each other"

    Shigeru Miyamoto has outlined his vision for WiiSpeak, the Wii microphone peripheral announced in the Nintendo E3 press conference last night.“Basically, our idea with WiiSpeak is rather than to just provide a voice-chat function, we want to really connect living rooms to each other,” he said, talking to IGN.“In that sense, the microphone in WiiSpeak […]

    13 years ago