Wii Yoga

Wii Yoga confirmed by JoWood

Publisher JoWooD has announced Wii Yoga. The game will use the balance board the will “play a central role for the exercising (gaming) experience.” It’ll also feature an “adaptable weekly schedule of exercises that will leave you feeling freshed.”We can’t wait. The game was first brought to light during “Intellisponse Gate” last month.By Mike Bowden

13 years ago

Wii Yoga headlines

  • Intellisponse rumour round-up - lest we forget

    Intellisponse, a market research firm, last night got “internetalised” in a rather brutal way, causing a flood of rumours on unannounced games. We’re mindful that some of you don’t have to convince your wives and husbands that writing nonsense about spacemen and pretend cars in the middle of the night is “necessary”, so here’s everything […]

    13 years ago
  • Rumour: Wii Yoga concept revealed

    A concept for a game called Wii Yoga has been found on the Intellisponse site.The research firm came to the attention of teh internets tonight after it yielded what appears to be a concept for Microsoft Mii-alikes, dubbed “Avatars”.After the link.

    13 years ago