Wii U Controller

QA tester tweets shot of revised Wii U controller with analog sticks

A QA tester at Traveller’s Tales Games has tweeted a picture of what is either a revised version of the Wii U controller, or one specific to developers, with analog sticks and other minor changes. Rumors have been circulating for a while that at release, the controller would look different than the version shown at […]

9 years ago

Wii U Controller headlines

  • Nintendo patents show charging dock, gun-shell for Wii U controller

    A schematic for what appears to be a charging dock for the Wii U’s controller has shown up online, courtesy of Nintendo Life. Found by the site over on NeoGAF, the drawing was uneartherd via a patent application from Nintendo showing a cradle similar to the one used by 3DS. Another patent schematic posted over […]

    9 years ago