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  • Wii Sports Resort hits 1 million in Japan

    Nintendo’s confirmed that Wii Sports Resort has passed the million mark in Japan. The game, which is packaged with Wii MotionPlus, was released on June 25 in the country.

  • Sports Resort will not replace Wii Sports with Wii bundle

    Wii Sports Resort will not replace Wii Sports bundled with Wii any time soon. This is according to Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan, who told Toronto Thumbs that Sports Resort was a more “full-on software that you’re used to purchasing at retail at that price point” where as Wii Sports is more-or-less just designed to […]

  • Iwata: 3 Wii titles have the "potential" to sell 10 million this year

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said he sees three titles being released this year – Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii Fit Plus – to sell over ten million units. “I believe each of these three software titles have the potential to surpass 10 million copies worldwide in the whole fiscal […]

  • Wii Sports Resort sells 600K copies in Europe

    Wii Sports Resort has been out in Europe since July 24, and it has already sold 600,000 copies. That’s 100,000 more than the States. Topping the UK all-formats chart for two weeks running, during its first week the game became the fourth largest selling Wii title to date with second week sales growing another six […]

  • Wii Sports Resort sells more than 500,000 units

    Nintendo has announced that since its launch on July 25, Wii Sports Resort has sold over 500,000 units in the United States. “Through Monday we sold one copy of Wii Sports Resort roughly every 1.5 seconds continuously since it launched in the United States,” said NOA’s Cammie Dunaway, “This tells us consumers were eagerly waiting […]

  • UK games market up 16% thanks to Wii Sports Resort

    Weekly values for the UK games market were up 16 percent thanks to Wii Sports Resort. According a report from MCV, Gfk-ChartTrack/ELSPA figures show a market jump from £16.9 million week ending July 10 to £18.6 million for week ending July 25 with unit sales hitting 907,501. Currently, sales figures are down two percent to […]

  • Be the first to play Wii Sports Resort and win a holiday

    Nintendo has announced that selected UK retailers will allow you to be the first to play Wii Sports Resort and give you the chance of winning a watersports and beach holiday in Halkidiki, Greece. All you have to is turn up at one of the following retailers on this Friday, 24th July: Game, 100 Oxford […]

  • Nitendo releases firmware update to fix Wii Sports Resort bug

    Nintendo has given Wii a firmware update. Update 4.1 fixes a bug in Wii Sports Resort, that way it will be playable when it lands in stores July 26. That’s pretty much it. Plug up your Wii and see for yourself. Via Kotaku.

  • Nintendo to turn Times Square into a Sports Resort

    Nintendo is transforming New York’s Times Square into beachy resort July 23, complete with a sand, swimming pools and a tropical lounge. This is all in celebration of Wii Sports Resorts imminent release on July 26. The “interactive oasis” will provide game demonstrations, giveaways and a bar serving tropical non-alcoholic drinks. What! No rum? So, […]

  • Wii Sports Resort biggest June game in Japan

    Wii Sports Resort was the biggest selling game in Japan last month, despite being on sale for less than a week. The game blew the competition away in the Media Create charts for the seven days ending June 28, as previously reported. The Enterbrain top ten for June: Wii Sports Resort (Wii): 353,827 Kingdom Hearts […]

  • Iwata Q&A on Wii Sports Resort discusses Miyamoto

    Satoru Iwata has a Q&A with developers who worked on Wii Sports Resort posted over on Nintendo’s UK site. It’s a very interesting bit of chat regarding all things Sports Resort related, and but one of the more interesting bits comes from a part discussing Miyamoto. Apparently, he told a reporter at E3 2008 that […]

  • Wii Sports Resort moves 353,827 copies in four days

    Wii Sports Resort launched in Japan on June 25 and during its first four days sold 353,827 copies. According to Famitsu, Sports Resort is the third best-selling Wii title behind Mario Kart (608,000) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (816,000). It launches in the US and Europe late July. Via Kotaku.

  • New Wii Sports Resort footage looking decent

    1UP got its hands on an “early playable review build” of Wii Sports Resort and put out a couple of videos of gameplay that you can see below. It actually looks rather good, if we’re being honest. But then again, the excellent Wii Sports still remains our most played game on the system. Have a […]

  • Wii Sports Resort press conference demo shows MotionPlus precision

    Below is Nintendo’s E3 press conference presentation of Wii Sports Resort. The footage focusses on how Wii MotionPlus really changes the way you play the game. Check it out.

  • Wii Sports Resort gets golf, table tennis

    After the break you can see a couple of Japanese language videos showing golf and table tennis in Wii Sports Resort. The sequel will feature Wii MotionPlus support and is due to land in July. Hit NintendoEverything, for a few other “making-of” vids showing other events featured in the game. They too, are all in […]

  • Wii MotionPlus to his US on June 8, priced $20

    Nintendo’s confirmed Wii MotionPlus for a June 8 launch. The peripheral will cost $20. Wii Sports Resort will follow on July 26. The new device and game were confirmed earlier for a June 12 and July 24 ship in Europe. Press release after the break.

  • Wii MotionPlus confirmed for June 12 in Europe

    Nintendo just confirmed Wii MotionPlus for a June 12 release in Europe. Wii Sports Resort will launch on July 24. “Everyone who has played the Wii can remember the moment they first discovered its intuitive controls and realised that this was an incredible new way of experiencing video games,” said NoE PR boss, Laurent Fischer. […]

  • Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus to launch in June

    Nintendo said today that Wii Sports Resort is to launch in June in Japan, according to this Reuters report. The sequel will ship overseas the following month. The title marks the launch of Wii MotionPlus. The news comes from a Japanese press conference.

  • Wii Sports Resort will launch globally next Spring

    Speaking at Nintendo’s E3 press conference at that Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, big boss Reggie announced that Wii Sports Resort will launch globally next spring. The game utilises the company’s new MotionPlus technology. We saw sword fighting, jet-skiing and Cammie and Reggie having lots of fun in the meantime.

  • Wii Sports Resort announced

    Nintendo has announced the follow-up to Wii Sports called Wii Sports Resort during its E3 conference in Los Angeles, California. The game will use the new Wii MotionPlus device. It’s said to be “literally a day at the beach.” A frisbee mini game, a sword-fighting game and some Mii-based jet ski thing were shown. More […]

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