Wii No Ma

Wii Japanese video streaming service to shut down

Wii no Ma, the video streaming service for Japanese Wii users that launched in 2009, is to be shut down, Nintendo’s announced (via Kotaku). The service, which offered family-focused programming and video content, will close on April 30.As a certain Max once said: “And that’s the end of that chapter.”

9 years ago

Wii No Ma headlines

  • Reggie says that if Wii gets streaming video, it'll be different

    NOA bossman Reggie Fils-Amie has told Kotaku that if Nintendo decides to bring a streaming video service to Wii, it will not be Netflix per say.“We have nothing to announce [as] a partnership from an online streaming standpoint,” he said. “Should we go down that path we will do something different than our competitors.”The Wii-no-Ma […]

    12 years ago
  • See the Wii-no-Ma video service in action

    Nintendo’s Wii-no-Ma service launched in Japan today, and YouTube user NintenDaan has uploaded a first look video which we’ve posted after the break.The video shows how to use the service on your Wii to send a video to a special App on your DSi.Looks like it takes bit to do, but still, it’s pretty nifty.Thanks, […]

    12 years ago
  • Wii-no-Ma video service outside of Japan is "under planning"

    Satoru Iwata gave a lovely speech yesterday, and in it he stated that the Wii-no-Ma Channel is “under planning in the future” for overseas.“Wii-no-Ma service is available only in Japan at the start, but the overseas deployment is under planning in the future,” he said.Available for free from the Wii Shopping Channel, the video service […]

    12 years ago
  • Wii-no-Ma video channel launches tomorrow, Satorua Iwata makes giant announcement

    We just received a 3,500+ announcement on the Japanese launch of Wii-no-Ma, Wii’s video download service. It goes live tomorrow.The spiel outlines what Wii-no-Ma is, how it works, and also details Dokodemo Wii-no-Ma, the DSi software that allows you to play Wii-no-Ma videos on the move.You can watch the entire announcement in a Japanese language […]

    12 years ago
  • Wii video service to launch May 1

    According to Andriasang, Wii’s video download service – dubbed Wii no Ma – will launch on May 1 in Japan.The venture’s a collaboration between Nintendo and Japanese media firm Dentsu, with the latter Dentsu apparently handling negotiation for original video content.As you can see on the service’s official page, the service takes the form of […]

    12 years ago