Nintendo: Trade prices for Wii-make games are lower than usual

Nintendo has responded to yesterday’s reports that Wii-makes Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis were to retail at £39.99 – the same as a brand new game.“Nintendo do not set prices,” said a spokesperson for the company to GI. “It is up to retailers at what price they sell any item for.”“However, our trade price for […]

12 years ago

Wii-make headlines

  • Mario Power Tennis Wii dated [Update]

    Nintendo has sent word that the Mario Power Tennis Wii-make will be released on March 6th.Coming out one month after its Pikmin counterpart, this old GameCube game has added Wii-mote support plus a few other tweaks.On the subject of Pikmin, go here for loads of Wii-make screenshots.Update: GI informs us that these Wii-makes will cost […]

    12 years ago