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Wii games played on Wii U reportedly look much better when played on HDTV

Wii U owners are reporting that when playing Wii games on their new console via an HDTV with 1080p display resolution, the game actually look better – which is good news for those who’ve amassed quite a large Wii library over the years. While the backwards compatible console doesn’t render older games in 1080p, Wii […]

8 years ago

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  • Pachter: There's loads of "shovelware" and "crap" out there for Wii

    Michael Pachter has told Gamasutra that with Wii’s “cheap and novel” gameplay, it was no wonder the console was such a big hit in ’07 and ’08.However, high sales of the system also produced unwarranted expectations from Nintendo and publishers alike, creating a market overwrought with “a lot of crap” and “shovelware”.

    11 years ago