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Alex Seropian chats about why he sold Wideload to Disney

Alex Seropian’s announcement that he sold Wideload to Disney and was the new Vice President of Creative for the company has been explained over on Gamasutra.Apparently, the Bungie founder and Halo co-creator went with Disney to “create cool things”.“Part of the reason why I’m here at Disney [is] there’s a real opportunity to bring that […]

11 years ago

Wideload Games headlines

  • Disney acquires Wideload Games and its head, Alex Seropian

    Bungie founder and Halo co-creator Alex Seropian has been hired by Disney to oversee its creative development teams in-house, which are responsible for creating videogames. The new position, created just for him, comes with a new title: Vice President of Creative.Seropian also sold Wideload Games to Disney, which he founded when he left Bungie.“We’re really […]

    11 years ago