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White Knight Chronicles gets 29/40 in Famitsu

Famitsu’s given up a meagre 29/40 score for White Knight Chronicles, as relayed by NeoGAF. The review summary through there doesn’t make it sound like the most thrilling thing in the world. Apparently is has patch-worthy chat issues and is “the same” a every other Level-5 RPG in that “sadness befalls the land”. Still. It […]

White Knight Story headlines

  • New White Knight Chronicles movies released

    On Game Watch. Sony’s gearing up for launch of the Level-5 RPG on Christmas Day in Japan, and this footage follows a release of screens last night. No date for the West.

  • White Knight Chronicles screenshot and event photo get

    Game Watch has posted up a bunch of new screens of Level-5’s White Knight Chronicles, as you can see here. They’re mixed in with photos from a Japanese promo event for the game, and the box art’s there as well, should such things be your bag. It’s out on PS3 on Christmas Day in Japan. […]

  • Japanese White Knight Chronicles ad shows waterfall

    After the break. The PS3-exclusive Level-5 RPG releases on Christmas Day in Japan, and this TV spot shows what has to be the greatest waterfall in games. Never before has falling virtual water looked so wet. Take a look. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • 14-minute White Knights Chronicles movie showing battles, making-of

    After the break there’s a 14-minute movie on Level-5’s White Knight Chronicles. As you do. The first five minutes takes is of a guided tour of Level-5’s posh Fukuoka studio. CEO and president of Level-5, Akihiro Hino, then goes through eight minutes of the battle system and transforming into the White Knight himself. The last […]

  • White Knight Chronicles trailered in Tokyo

    After the break. The Level-5 RPG does look silly-pretty, to be fair, and appears to have a healthy dose of “awesome,” to boot. This was confirmed as having online co-op yesterday, and so is shaping up as a bit of a hottie. Out on PS3 on December 25 in Japan, but no date for the […]

  • White Knight Chronicles to feature online co-op

    According to this IGN piece, Level-5’s White Knight Chronicles is to feature online co-op. From the story: White Knight will feature a cooperative online quest mode. Separate from the single player story mode, the online mode, known in the Japanese version as “Live Part,” will allow four players to team up to work through quests. […]

  • New White Knight Story shots posted

    On WidGamer. There’s definitely new stuff there. The Level-5 RPG’s now confirmed to be shown at TGS in October, and is likely to be one of Sony’s heavy hitter for the Japanese show. Take a look. It’s out in Japan on Christmas Day.

  • "Level-5 Vs PS3 - Full Scale RPG"

    Level-5’s confirmed that White Knight Story is to be shown at TGS, and has posted a page on Sony Japan’s site which will probably make JRPG fans go weak at the knees. Apparently the game’s going to show “”Level-5 Vs PS3 – Full Scale RPG”. It says so through the link. More soon.

  • Level-5: "Shocking announcements" next week

    Missed this yesterday. According to Gamekyo, the latest edition of Famitsu has confirmed a Level-5 press conference in Japan next week, at which you can expect “shocking announcements.” The company is currently finishing up on White Knight Story, which has been confirmed for a Christmas Day release in Japan. What could this mean? Thanks, Blerk.

  • White Knight Story out on Christmas Day in Japan?

    This Famitsu scan has apparently confirmed that Level-5 RPG White Knight Story will release for PS3 on December 25 in Japan. We’re putting a question mark after this considering what happened last time the game was supposedly dated by Famitsu. Once bitten, etc. See for yourself.

  • White Knight Story not dated by Famitsu

    We’ll put this down to the enthusiasm of youth. We ran a story yesterday, crediting this PS3F piece, saying Famitsu had confirmed Level-5’s White Knight Story as a December 11 release in Japan. Long story short – it didn’t. Read this Kotaku piece. And that’s that.

  • White Knight Story out in December in Japan

    According to this PS3F story, the latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed that Level-5’s White Knight Story will release on December 11 in Japan. The PS3-exclusive RPG is to be shown at TGS in October. More through the link.

  • White Knight Chronicles to be "awakening soon"

    Both Sony Japan and Level-5 have updated their White Knight Chronicles pages with the (roughly) translated text, “The days of awakening is coming soon.” TGS please thanks. There’s some new artwork up on the Sony page as well. So look. Thanks, PS3Hyper.com

  • New White Knight Story screenshots

    Chinese site TGBus has posted 21 new screenshots of Level-5’s Playstation 3-exclusive JRPG, White Knight Story. Still no other news on this one apart from that it will be released this fiscal year. By Mike Bowden

  • White Knight Story to release this fiscal year

    Sony confirmed in its PlayStation Business Review in Tokyo today that White Knight Story is aiming to be out this fiscal year. That means the game will ship before April 2009. The Level-5 RPG is obviously much-anticipated, so this is good news for Sony and JRPG fans alike. Thanks, Blerk.