Euro PSN update, May 7 – Savage Moon demo, LocoRoco, LBP

Content for the European PSN Store is a bit sparse this week. Sorry ’bout that. However, there should be something on the list to occupy you – a demo of Savage Moon, DLC for HAWX, LBP, Trivial Pursuit, Wheelman and LocoRoco for PSP. Full thing after the break.

Wheelman headlines

  • Wheelman gets DLC right now

    The 360 version of Wheelman was granted some DLC today, some free, some not so much. The Free Street Showdown pack costs nothing, and includes one side mission. The Premium Street Showdown Pack costs 400 MS Points, and offers five new street showdown side missions. PS3 owners get the same stuff on May 7. There […]

  • Wheelman goes gold, confirmed for March 27

    Wheelman’s gold, Ubi an Midway said this morning, and will release on March 27. Watch us playing the driving action thing here. We were great. Press release after the break.

  • Wheelman - 10 minutes of direct-feed play

    There’s a ten-minute video of Wheelman gameplay after the break, taken from the 360 demo released this morning. It shows driving, skidding, ramming, boosting, some mental shooting, a bit of running around and a small amount of dying. The game appears to be, after our brief dalliance, “OK”. Find 14 shots from this video here. […]

  • Wheelman - 14 exclusive screens

    Find 14 direct-feed shots grabbed from this morning’s Wheelman demo below. We’ll have the video up very soon. The shots show stuff from cut-scenes as well as play, and there’s one of virtual Vin having a bit of a run around. There’s also one of a woman shouting, “Venga venga venga!” Which is awesome. Sorry […]

  • Wheelman, Wrestlemania and Wanted demos hit Live

    Microsoft just posted demos for Wheelman, Legends of Wrestlemania and Wanted on Live. We’ll have some vids for you in a tick. We might not do Wanted, though. Thanks, Darkzero.

  • New Wheelman movie shows bikes, shooting

    Ubi’s released a new dev diary from Wheelman, this time showing Big Vin riding round Spain on motorbikes. It’s all very shooty, what with its bullet time thing, and actually looks pretty good in a “blow things up” sort of way. After the break. We would have put this up last night, but our Flash […]

  • Ubi to publish other Midway games? Doesn't sound like it

    Both Ubisoft and Midway have told VG247 today that overnight talk of Ubi scooping up more Midway licenses is far-fetched. Ubisoft confirmed last week that it’s to publish Midway’s Wheelman in America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland and the UK. “Our agreement with Midway is simply to publish Wheelman,” said a Ubi rep […]

  • Wheelman is a "great IP" for spring's "open launch window," says Ubi

    Wheelman is “great,” Ubisoft has told VG247 this morning, the new addition to the publisher’s portfolio giving access to a relatively release-free period this spring. The Vin Diesel tie-in was confirmed as a Ubisoft title yesterday, wrested as it was from Midway’s dying grip. “Ubisoft gets the benefit of a great IP during an open […]

  • Ubi confirms Wheelman capture

    Ubi’s confirmed to Joystiq that it’s to publish ex-Midway movie tie-in Wheelman. “Yes, the deal with Midway has been finalized and we’ll be shipping to retail on March 24th,” said a rep. The move is being called a “strategic partnership” by Midway and Ubi. “Ubisoft will handle sales, marketing, and distribution of the title in […]

  • Rumor: Midway hands Wheelman over to Ubisoft

    Kotaku is reporting that Ubisoft may have picked up Vin Diesel racer Wheelman. The news comes after it was reported today that Midway’s files for Chapter 11. Rumors at present have the game release on hold. Wheelman was expected to be released on March 16 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Wheelman gets worldwide release date

    Midway has confirmed that Vin Diesel game, Wheelman will be released on March 20. The game promises to combine “spectacular Hollywood-style stunts with a gripping storyline” and provide “an adrenaline-fueled, cinematic thrill ride guaranteed to leave you breathless. Weave in and out of traffic, engaging in intense vehicular warfare through the winding streets of Barcelona.” […]

  • Midway’s Wheelman delayed, demo announced

    Kotaku sends word that Midway’s Vin Diesel-centric open worlder has hit a snag. Originally scheduled for February 20, it’s now dropping exactly one slightly truncated month later on March 20. Fortunately, a pre-release demo has been squeezed out of Midway’s emaciated form, though when it’ll actually ooze onto Xbox Live and PSN is anyone’s guess. […]

  • Wheelman out on February 20 in US and Europe

    Wheelman will release in the US and Europe on February 20, Midway’s announced. The adaptation of the Vin Diesel movie has been created in partnership with Diesel’s own game production firm, Tigon Studios. “We’re designing Wheelman to play like a Hollywood blockbuster,” said the man himself. “Playing this game will be just like taking control […]

  • New Wheelman shots released

    On GameInfoWire. Looks like cars driving about and having a bit of a crash to us, but we’re sure there’s more to it than that. Hit the link for Diesel madness.

  • Wheelman studio gets new boss

    According to this Joystiq report, Midway’s installed a new head in its Newcastle studio, namely former Codemaster bus dev director, Craig Duncan. The outfit’s currently working on Vin Diesel adaptation, Wheelman.

  • Midway announces "powerful" E3 line-up

    Midway’s announced its E3 line-up, which is apparently “powerful”. There’s nothing in there of any import you don’t already know about, in a nutshell. See for yourself after the link. By Jerry Burns

  • Wheelman is "8-10 hours" long

    In this interview with ThreeSpeech, Wheelman executive producer Shaun Himmerick has said that the Midway Vin Diesel movie adaptation is a cinematic effort of around ten hours in length. “We’ve got the main cinematic thrust of the game, the main story arc – 8-10 hours book-ended with cinematics, it’s where the cinematic flavour of the […]

  • Midway Las Vegas Gamer's Day round-up

    Midway’s Las Vegas Gamer’s Day’s now been and gone and there are lots of words on the internet about it. Looks as though nothing terribly dramatic got announced, the most interesting thing in the publisher’s line-up being Epic’s Unreal Tournament III for 360 – albeit without user-generated levels – for release this summer. Here’s what […]