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  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Fallen Earth is elf-free, Star Wars details the Trooper class, EVE storyline updates

    Tons of stuff happens during the week with MMOs that it would just boggle your brains, so it’s all here for you in one post as usual. Fallen Earth promises to be different by being “elf free”, Star Wars revealed the Trooper class, EVE gets a bit of a storyline change, and LOTRO shows you […]

  • Refer-a-Friend to Warhammer Online, get an exclusive mount

    Mythic has announced that an exclusive griffon or manticore mount can be yours if you refer six players to Warhammer Online through the recruit-a-friend program. Other referral goodie include non-combat hounds, free game time, and special items that grant additional XP allowing you to temporarily raise a friend’s level to within two of your own. […]

  • Warhammer Online event Beyond the Sands is live

    Warhammer Online’s Beyond the Sands event went live yesterday and will run through April 27. The next phase in the Call to Arms live expansion, the event pits both factions against the Liche Priests over artifacts that once belonged to Nehekharan Kings. It is mainly a RvR event, but don’t worry PvE-ers. There’s something in […]

  • WAR: Choppa and Dwarf Slayer ready tomorrow

    The Choppa and Dwarf Slayer will officially be playable in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning on March 18. Both classes were expected to included at launch, along with the Knight of the Blazing Sun and Black Guard. Get happy folks. Now you can die a heroic dwarfen death, or revel in bashing heads as an […]

  • Mythic offering incentives for gamers returning to Warhammer Online

    Mythic is asking gamers to return to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, despite recently closing down 43 of its game servers. North America and Asia Pacific gamers who re-activate their accounts will receive an “Emperor’s welcome,” complete with all the rested experience they’ve accumulated while absent, a special quest chain with in-game rewards, and ten […]

  • WAR's Land of the Dead detailed

    In an interview with EG yesterday, Warhammer Online’s executive producer Jeff Hickman and creative director Paul Barnett spoke at length about the forthcoming Land of the Dead zone in Warhammer Online. Part of the Call to Arms live expansion, LotD will feature loads of stuff to do and various ways to get booty. It’ll be […]

  • Rumor: Layoffs at Mythic affect senior designers

    Joystiq is rumouring that between 60 and 130 people have been laid off at Mythic. Some of redundancies are apparently from WAR development staff, supposedly including senior designers. Mark Jacobs, however, made a statement on the official Warhammer Online site claiming that staffing numbers are attributed to consumer need and progress with game design. “With […]

  • Warhammer Online to get official forums

    Mythic’s confirmed Warhammer Online’s to get its own forum, to be run by the developer. There’s a large post from Mark Jacobs on the matter on the official site. Apparently this is the first Mythic game to get a properly hosted forum.

  • First Warhammer Online "live" expansion is Call to Arms

    Mythic just confirmed that Warhammer Online’s first expansion is to be titled Call to Arms. It’s a “live” affair, with a schedule and everything. It’s free, and will include “two highly anticipated new careers – the Orc Choppa and the Dwarf Slayer – and a new dungeon zone called ‘Land of the Dead,’ set in […]

  • WAR to launch in Korea

    Mythic’s confirmed that Warhammer Online is to geta Korean launch. Hangame’s to handle the localised product. Korea will get the game next year. WAR is just the latest western MMO to make the move to the country, with a Korean version of Age of Conan announced only last week. Press release after the link.

  • Those who tried WAR are coming back to WoW, says Sams

    Speaking to GI, Blizzard’s Paul Sams has said that more than half of the people that cited leaving World of Warcraft to try Warhammer Online have no returned. “We’ve seen a significant number of people, well over half, that cited Warhammer as their reason for leaving – they’ve already returned,” said Sams. “It surprises me […]

  • WAR patched to 1.0.3

    Not to be outdone in the patch stakes, Warhammer Online’s been updated to 1.0.3, IGN reports. The fix includes quite a few new features, including a much-requested “regional chat” facility and a new mail icon on your mini-map. It’s all go. More through the link.

  • Warhammer Online claims 750,000 registered players

    Mythic’s just put out a press release claiming Warhammer Online now has 750,000 registered players. “Thanks to our players, the war between the Realms continues to escalate at an incredible pace,” said company boss Mark Jacobs. “The battlefields are alive with three quarters of a million players fighting for the forces of Order and Destruction […]

  • Half a million players sign up for WAR

    Mythic’s confirmed that more than 500,000 players have created WAR accounts, and is claiming the MMO to be the fastest growing in history. “In just one week we have a half a million people playing WAR online, and the ranks of Order and Destruction are growing at a record-breaking pace for a new MMORPG,” said […]

  • Mythic to create credit database for WAR and past games

    Following reports that Mythic didn’t credit all employees that worked on WAR in the game itself, the developer’s confirmed it is to launch an online database crediting everyone who participated in development. Which is nice. From Shacknews: The Mythic team is also taking the following steps to address credit policies: In-game and manual credits will […]

  • Jacobs: WAR's the game we wanted to make

    More Mark Jacobs this morning, this time from an interview with MMORPG.com. WAR isn’t the game EA wanted to make, apparently: it’s Mythic’s. “In the end we got to make the game that we wanted,” he said. “Not that game that EA wanted, not the game that Blizzard wanted, it’s the game that we wanted. […]

  • WAR master Mark: We're not scared of WoW

    Mythic head Mark Jacobs isn’t frightened of anything. No sir. And World or Warcraft definitely doesn’t bring on the sweats. “We’re not saying we’re going to beat [Blizzard], but we’re not afraid of them,” Jacobs told Gamasutra. “We have our own hook; that’s [realm versus realm combat], and we’re pushing it and we’re pushing it, […]

  • Mythic releases three WAR launch day videos

    Massively’s carrying three new WAR videos, released by Mythic to celebrate the MMO’s release. We can’t watch them because we’re on a train and working on a 3G card, but the game looks awesome so watch then buy. Why wouldn’t you? Friday, remember. WAR day. Have a look.

  • WAR: GOA's eight-point guide to getting it up and running if you live in Europe

    GOA just sent through this guide to getting Warhammer Online up and running if you live in Europe. Some of you – us included – have been experiencing difficulty registering and patching the game, so if you are, this is what you do. Hit this for the official site. Then, word for word: On the […]

  • Cut Warhammer Online content to return for free

    Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has confirmed that content cut from the launch of Warhammer Online – namely character classes and capital cities – is to be reintroduced at a later date as part of the subscription charge. “Are we going to put [the pulled content] in a paid expansion? No,” Jacobs told 1UP. “What I’ve […]

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