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  • Next World of Tanks update to add two new tank types

    Check out Tier 10 medium tanks and tank destroyers, the latest additions to Wargaming’s continuously successful World of Tanks.

  • Wargaming.net releases new World of Warplanes dev diary

    Wargaming.net has released a third developer diary for World of Warplanes. It’s below. Closed beta testing for World of Warplanes started on May 31, and as of March, over 100,000 had signed up for it alpha testing. That number is likely higher now.

  • Closed beta for World of Warplanes starts May 31

    Wargaming.net has announced closed beta testing for World of Warplanes will start on May 31. If you have yet to sign up for the beta, you can do so here. In March, the firm announced that over 100,000 had signed up. Players who have applied, but have not been yet accepted to Global Alpha, will […]

  • World of Tanks developer expands into China

    World of Tanks developer Wargaming.net is making a bid for the mainland Chinese market. Gamasutra reports the company has signed a deal with KongZhong Corporation to publish its range locally. Although Wargaming.net has several popular free to play titles, World of Tanks is the biggie, with up to 450,000 players online simultaneously.

  • Wargaming.net donating to several charities for World of Tanks

    Wargaming.net’s announced a donation run for several military-based US charities within World of Tanks. As part of National Military Appreciation Month, AMVETS, Homes for our Troops, the Military Families Fund and Paralyzed Veterans of America will receive 10% of proceeds given from all US-based purchases of gold packs and 75% of the T14 package. More […]

  • World of Tanks celebrates its first anniversary with some amazing statistics

    World of Tanks is celebrating its first anniversary by releasing some interesting stats regarding its 24 million registered players. For instance: 350 million battles have been fought, 75 billion shells have been fired with 48 billion direct hits, over 8 billion armored vehicles have been destroyed, and at one time, the game boasted 450,000 players […]

  • World of Tanks gets update 7.2 today

    Wargaming.net’s confirmed details of World of Tanks’ update 7.2 today. The latest patch includes two new maps, new tanks and 22 new perks. There’s a video of the update in action below.

  • Up to 30% spend money on World of Tanks

    At least 25%-30% of players on World of Tanks have spent real money on in-game items for the free-to-play MMO, developer Wargaming.net has said.

  • Over 100,000 sign up for World of Warplanes alpha testing

    Wargaming.net has announced that 100,000 folks singed up for the global alpha testing of World of Warplanes, its upcoming MMO aerial combat game.

  • World of Tanks boasts 18 million registrants

    Wargaming.net, the developer behind the (apparently) hit MMO, World of Tanks, announced today that its community had hit a massive 18 million registrants. Now, as you’ve probably already guessed, that does not mean they have 18 million players, or even “active” registrants. It simply means that 18 million people have registered to play the game. […]

  • World of Tanks breaks a new record with 250,000 simultaneous players

    Wargaming.net has announced that World of Tanks has broken its previously achieved Guinness World Record for Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server. In November, 250,000 players played on the game’s Russian server simultaneously, which broke the previous record of 91,311. CEO Victor Kislyi said the firm is planning on adding new multicluster technology […]

  • World of Tanks surpasses 5 million registered players

    Wargaming.net has announced its World of Tanks MMO has surpassed 5 million registered players.

  • World of Tanks gets closer to 3 million user mark

    Wargaming.net has announced that World of Tanks has more than 2 million registered players in Russia, and close to one million in Europe and North America.

  • 700,000 players take part in World of Tanks beta

    Wargaming.net has announced that 700,000 players have taken part in the World of Tanks beta since it began last year.

  • World of Tanks invades Europe and US on April 12

    Wargaming.net has announced its World of Tanks MMO will launch in Europe and the US on April 12.

  • World of Tanks hits another record with over 74K people playing on one server

    Looks like free-to-play WWII RTS MMO World of Tanks has hit another record, and this time it’s for having the largest number of concurrent users on one server.

  • World of Tanks hits 1 million registrations

    After announcing in November last year that more than 500,000 “active players” since releasing in Russia last summer, Wargaming.net said today the free-to-play MMO has now hit 1 million registrations.

  • World of Tanks' 500,000 "active players" are "beginning of a global legend"

    Free-to-play MMO World of Tanks is now being played by more than half-a-million people – world domination inevitable.

  • Square to publish new WWII RTS, Order of War - details and video

    Square Enix today announced an agreement with Wargaming.net to publish a brand new WWII IP, Order of War, this autumn. The PC RTS puts players in command of an entire army which includes aircraft, artillery, ground troops, and tank divisions. Single-player mode has two different campaigns based on actual operations from 1944 – America vs […]

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