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  • ASDA in talks to buy troubled HMV - rumour

    UK supermarket chain ASDA is rumoured to be in talks with HMV administrators Deloitte to put in a bid for the troubled games, music and movies retailer.

  • Walmart Black Friday gaming deals include Dishonored, XCOM, Epic Mickey 2 for cheap

    Walmart has revealed its Black Friday gaming deals, and according to the mega retail chain’s ad, it will have over 30 games on sale for $15. It also notes that over 25 other titles will be on sale for $10, while another 40-plus can be yours for $25. The later sale includes such titles as […]

  • Assassin's Creed 3 only $15, for now at least

    Walmart currently has the Xbox 360 version of Assassin’s Creed 3 on sale for $14.98. Pre-ordering the game will net you the added “A Dangerous Secret” in-game mission, and $4.99 of credit for the Vudu movie service.

  • Free game with Vita consoles at Walmart until June 9

    Destructoid reports our US brethren can score a free game if they pick up a Vita console from Walmart before June 9. The games on offer are Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, Little Deviants, MLB 12: The Show, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, Reality Fighter, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Unit 13.

  • Walmart game sales data to be included in June NPDs

    NPD has announced it will start including game sales data in its monthly report starting June 14. The firm announced it would start including sales figures from the box retailer back in February. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Hitman: Absolution US pre-order bonuses announced

    Square Enix has outlined a number of pre-order bonuses for Hitman: Absolution, including exclusive weapons and suits.

  • Rumour: Ten days before GAME enters administration, Walmart looking at takeover

    GAME has just ten days to save itself from going into administration, but has been contacted by US retailer Walmart about a possible takeover from the latter.

  • Vita games already available at US retail

    Kotaku notes US retailers are already putting Vita games on shelves, scoring a copy of ModNation Racers: Roadtrip at Walmart. Officially, the earliest you can get your hands on a Vita in the US is February 15, as part of Sony’s VIP early access edition, with general release on February 22. A Wi-Fi only model […]

  • NPD reaches agreement with Walmart to include the chain's sales data

    NPD has announced it’s reached an agreement with Walmart, which will allow the firm to include the retail giant’s sales data in its monthly games industry report. Information from both physical and an online outlets will be included. The agreement also includes data from other offerings the chain sells, which NPD also tracks, such as […]

  • Cyber Monday sales - Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Origin, Steam

    Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving’s other major US sales day, kicks off in a few hours. Here’s a run down of some of the best deals, including a number of dirt-cheap Xbox 360 consoles.

  • Gamer pepper-sprayed in Black Friday sale

    The LA Times reports that a San Fernando resident shopping for games at a Walmart Black Friday sale was pepper-sprayed by what he called a “competitive shopper.” Matthew Lopez, 18, was attacked inside the store. By the time he got to the games section, the display was torn down and employees were having to pick […]

  • Walmart tries to reel you in by posting Black Friday deals early

    Walmart wants you to buy games from it so badly, that it has decided to post its Black Friday deals early, hoping you’ll brave being trampled to death in order to save a buck or twenty. Its tactic might just work, because it has some nice deals on offer for both games and console bundles.

  • Walmart to honour $249 Xbox 360 deal until next week despite error

    US retailer Walmart’s said that a price reduction of the 4Gb Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle from last week was a mere error, saying it was “mistakenly labeled as a rollback.” However, until either next Monday or while stock lasts, it will honour the reduction in price. Microsoft insisted that it was not the prologue […]

  • Friday Shorts - CoD Elite stuff up, Decide-o-tron lives, Escape From City 17

    Be strong, soldiers. Not long now and you can play Deus Ex all weekend.

  • Rumour: 360 4Gb dropping to $249 from next week

    If a Walmart flyer is any indication, the 4Gb Xbox 360 with Kinect bundled in will drop from $299 to $249 next week.

  • Report - Walmart drops 3DS price a few days early

    It looks as though last week’s rumor is true – some Walmart store have indeed dropped the price of 3DS a few days early before the cut is supposed to officially go into effect.

  • Rumor - Walmart dropping price of 3DS early

    According to a post over on CheapAssGamer, a source as told the site Walmart plans to drop the price of 3DS on August 9, which is three days before the official price drop goes into effect. Providing the information is true, it could presumably allow purchasers to download the 20 free downloadable games as part […]

  • Friday Shorts II: Walmart, YES, Ono x Harada, WoW, indie

    It’s time for your second batch of shorts for the day. This one features an interesting off-screen video of Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada doing, well, just watch. We’ve actually posted the video in here. A shorts first? Maybe.

  • Gaikai to partner with

    VentureBeat‘s reporting that Gaikai will partner with US retailer Walmart and its website

  • Select US Walmart stores accepting trade-ins for 3DS

    Starting March 27, launch day of 3DS in the US, select Walmart stores will be accepting older DS models as trade-in towards the shinier, newer, 3D version.

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